Tucker: Kamala Harris is working to make all America like California

As California goes, so goes the nation. That’s a chilling thought for conservatives.

Tucker Carlson is warning that Kamala Harris is looking to speed up that process – and it means disaster for America.

Carlson notes: “The most recent estimates show that California lost more than 135,000 people in the last year. Among those people, by the way, is Kamala Harris. She’s in Washington now, your capital, and she is bringing California-style governance to the rest of us. You should pay attention to that.”


Here is part of Carlson’s monologue:

“Meanwhile, the physical reality, the State of California, which is an actual place with tens of millions of actual people, 40 million, our most beautiful state, our most economically important state falls apart. No one is paying any attention because they are debating the color of the new senator.

But the electrical grid is failing. The power flickers on and off like a third world country. The state’s forests are so mismanaged, they keep catching fire and burning uncontrollably.

Climate change isn’t doing that, bad management is doing that.

Women — we care about women, really? Because women can’t jog in public parks for fear of being attacked by the mentally ill homeless. Does anyone care about them? No.

And for the privilege of all of this, for living in a state that’s literally collapsing around them, the residents of California pay the highest and the most burdensome taxes in the country. So guess what people who can are doing? You know the answer, they are leaving.”

If the whole nation becomes California, where will we have to flee to?

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  1. I can’t believe people in the Republican states where Congress men and senator’s that are not backing Trump to stop all this corruption arnt demanding these peoples heads on a platter.

  2. None of us in the midwest give a good damned about California! we still pray for the bigquake where it slides off into the ocean. and I guess when the United States turns into California we’ll all have to go to Mexico! After all Joe Biden will have it empty by then!

  3. How is this filthy woman even eligible to be president? Neither one of her parents were citizens when she was born, which does not make her a “natural born” citizen! Her parents may have been here legally at the time, which makes her a “birthright” citizen, but NOT a natural born one!

  4. I wonder why so many people and companies are leaving California. Take notice Kamala. The American people do not want to be like California.

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