Tucker Carlson: Vaccine booster controversy illustrates Biden’s COVID dishonesty

Since the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, those on the left have been imploring Americans to “follow the science,” but, according to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, in light of the recent confusion over vaccine boosters engendered largely by President Joe Biden himself, it seems obvious that the administration is doing anything but that.

During his Friday night prime time broadcast, Carlson took aim at Biden’s booster shot rhetoric and noted that far from being grounded in scientific evidence and data, the move instead appears to be motivated by something rather more cynical that has little to do with the facts.

The host began by reminding viewers that just last month, the president himself informed Americans that COVID-19 boosters would become the next step in the fight against the virus, and that millions could begin receiving them no later than the end of this month.

However, as Carlson noted, “The weird thing is, it turned out, no one had told the scientists about this. Two leading vaccine experts at the FDA promptly resigned,” a reference to the decision of senior agency scientists Marion Gruber and Phil Krause to leave their posts over the controversial move.

Though most observers would find these turn of events alarming, Carlson added, “Biden’s ‘COVID czar,’ a former Facebook board member who no medial background called Jeff Zients, assured the country, ‘no problem, none of this is cause for alarm.’ People resigning in protest, no big deal.”

Despite Zients’ assurance that the booster plan was “made by and announced by the nation’s leading public health officials,” Carlson continued, the deception behind that assertion quickly became clear when an FDA expert panel rejected vaccine boosters for all but those at greatest risk of severe illness.

That outcome, according to Carlson, “seemed like a rare win for science and for public safety,” since, as a former agency official described it, “put the FDA back in the driver’s seat” and “maintained the FDA’s scientific independence from politicians.”

Shockingly, however, Biden’s CDC chief, Rochelle Wolensky, almost immediately overruled the panel’s booster decision without referencing any data or scientific data in support of such a move, something Carlson aptly labeled a “total corruption of public health by a political party.”

Considering that Biden and his lackeys are simultaneously calling for mass firings of those who decline COVID-19 shots while ushering thousands upon thousands of unvaccinated migrants over the border with a wink and a nod, this administration has blatantly given lie to the notion that whatever is driving their pandemic decision making has anything to do with science.