Tucker Carlson to host brand new 3x weekly video podcast on Fox Nation

Fox News announced Wednesday that conservative pundit Tucker Carlson will be partnering with Fox Nation to start an exclusive video podcast featuring “in-depth, unfiltered conversations with the people shaping America’s future.” 

The podcast, titled “Tucker Carlson Today” is slated to premiere on March 29 and air every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday featuring interviews and insight from the Fox News host and his varied guests. 

“Freedom of speech is under assault, and while the other media outlets are obsessed with censoring original thought and getting smaller, we are expanding, taking on all topics,” Carlson said in a preview that aired on his nightly news show Wednesday.

“We will not be silenced or canceled,” said Carlson. The host went on to say that he will be having the in-depth, unfiltered conversations that America needs, making sense of the day’s events and taking a deeper dive into the issues we care about, with the clarity you deserve.”

Carlson has been a mainstay in the homes of conservatives who believe in his brand of straightforward and analytical assessment of the issues of the day. 

The top-producing Fox host has earned a reputation of not sidestepping the main issues and asking questions that Americans want answered, interviewing guests on illegal immigration, right to life, entitlements, and a plethora of other issues. 

Carlson is also the co-founder of The Daily Caller and The Daily Caller News Foundation which is a decidedly conservative news outlet utilized by Republicans as a reliable source of breaking news.

As an added bonus for conservatives, the Fox News icon has been to infuriate liberals, on a variety of topics, causing no end of distress and outrageous headlines, thanks to his logical explanations on the events of the day and effective mode of communication. 


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23 Responses

  1. Because Tucker tells the truth and nothing else, he has been threatened with Violence, had BLM Terrorists and Antifa show up at his house.
    Plus the Left has done everything short of buying Fox News to shut him up, and he’s still going!

  2. I’ve enjoyed Tucker since he eas doing the research for others. He, along with Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, Mark Levine, Tyrus, Dana Perino Laura Inghram, and Jeanine are always spot on with their observations. Tucker particularly has a sweet knack of curiosity.

    Of late, we now watch NewsMax one America Now (other great commentators); am eagerly awaiting Trump’s new media!!!!

    I thank God for all of these truth tellers!!!!!!! May He bless them

  3. Sounds great!! We want to hear “the truth”…and thus far, I feel that Fox News has given us the truth. Looking forward to the new venture.

  4. We were not “STUNNED”, a word of hyperbole that is used far too much online. Happy would be a better word for our feelings about the new program.
    Both the “right” and the “left” over and misuse the word “STUNNED”.

  5. Carlson is one voice that asks the pertinent questions. He depends almost entirely on a rare commodity today.
    .common sense. I look forward to this platform.

  6. Anytime a News station has the courage to take on the ‘One Worlders’ in the White House I am for them. I can’t believe there are so many Americans who have no concept of the privilege they have as ‘individuals’.

    1. I agree, Virginia. I have lived in Germany in the Fifties and came home on a troop ship with many foreign
      brides on board. I had goose pimples and tears of pride when we sailed by the Statue of Liberty. I watched
      the eyes of the people arriving in America for the first time and how excited they were.
      In the early Eighties, I lived in West Africa. Those people would have given their eye teeth to come to “The States’.
      And conditions were bad in the poorer sections. When you see people like Colin Kapernik kneel instead of standing
      for our National Anthem, you want to kick him in the rear. So many people would make better Americans than he is.
      We should thank God every day for our great country and the freedom we have. I am so afraid it will be demolished
      if we do not get the bunch of nuts in Washington out of office.

      1. What do you mean by “one of the good guys”? I have watched Tucker for a very long time and would not state that he is “one of the good guys”. I would state that he reports the news as “it is”. There is no such thing as “one of the good guys”….What should have been stated is: That Tucker reports the news as it truly is…. When it comes to reporting the news, Tucker always tells the truth no matter what the after affects are. I have watched Fox News for a very long time as it is “real news”.

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