Tucker Carlson talks with Google employee fired over objections to ‘equity’ training

In a segment highlighting the culture of wokeness that has been engulfing corporations across the globe, Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday spoke with a former Google employee who claims that his opposition to the tech giant’s equity training ultimately resulted in his firing.

Taras Kobernyk told Carlson in detail about what he called the racially “damaging” environment that stemmed from corporate diversity training materials and discussed the memo he wrote last summer and published internally at Google, which explained the specifics of his objections.

In the document, Kobernyk articulated his disagreement with company materials that included a piece entitled “In defense of looting” and asked if the company supported “the notion that breaking laws – specifically burning and looting properties of random people including properties of black people…is acceptable as a method to deal with alleged racism.”

He also lamented the company’s promotion of author Robin Di Angelo’s book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism, underscoring the fact that the book “uses various forms of argument cheating like ‘if you disagree that you are a racist, you ARE a racist,’” and that it “attributes flaws to people and judges people based on their skin color – which is the definition of racism.”

According to Kobernyk, expressing workplace complaints in writing was common practice at Google, and it was something he was initially encouraged to do. However, once he submitted his criticism of the company’s equity training, he was asked to pull his memo from the internal network as it had been flagged as “offensive.”

Upon his refusal to delete the document, his employment with Google was terminated, as Kobernyk explained, and he was accused of “questioning living experiences of people of color” among other supposed offenses. Google, for its part, denied that the memo was the reason for Kobernyk’s dismissal, asserting that he had been the subject of several warnings and complaints for “antagonistic and disruptive behavior.”

The controversy over mandatory wokeness training throughout corporate America has continued to make headlines in recent weeks, with a particularly troubling story emerging late last month about a three-day training seminar provided to executives at federal defense contractor Lockheed Martin.

According to a report by Christopher Rufo of City Journal, top brass at the company were coached on how best to dismantle their “white male culture,” and disavow and unlearn the “white male privilege” that permeates their operations. During the training, the presenters reportedly listed a number of concepts associated with white males, including “old, racist, privileged…KKK…guns, guilty” and more.

Though the apparently ubiquitous nature of a bizarre need for self-flagellation and collective guilt among the country’s corporate leadership is even more entrenched than many feared, the willingness of individuals such as Kobernyk to call such practices out and resist their divisive proliferation can, hopefully, begin to turn the tide.