Tucker Carlson reveals the truth about impeachment

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you now know that President Trump has been impeached on a rushed schedule with little official resistance from Republican leadership.

If you’re confused about why Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy aren’t defending President Trump from the rushed impeachment railroading in Congress, Tucker Carlson has some knowlege to drop on you.

He says: “Here’s how it works from the perspective of the Republican leadership: It would be best if Donald Trump just went away forever. He’s embarrassing. They don’t want to talk about him. They’d like him to disappear. So that’s their plan with impeachment. Make it so that Trump can never run for office again, not that he actually planned to, and then disgrace Trump so thoroughly that he cannot appear in public ever again, then pretend that Donald Trump never happened.”

This is stupid, and Tucker explains why:

There are a couple of obvious problems with this approach, however. The first problem is it won’t work. By impeaching the president during his final week in office, Congress will not succeed in discrediting Trump among Republican voters. In fact, it will enhance Donald Trump among Republican voters, obviously. Who does your average Republican voter trust more, Donald Trump or the many people who hate Donald Trump? Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell? Donald Trump or CNN? You know the answer.

It’s not complicated, but apparently it’s too complicated for the dummies in the Republican Party who think impeachment will help them in the long run. Maybe you shouldn’t be surprised by that. These are the very same people who still defend the war in Iraq, who tell you with a straight face that Iran is the single biggest threat we will ever face as a nation. Not your falling wages or runaway health care costs or the hollowed-out economy that feels like it’s about to collapse or the Chinese fentanyl that just killed your nephew. No, Iran, an isolated, faraway country you could not find on a map at gunpoint, is the real threat.

The amazing thing is, they mean it when they say it, that’s how stupid and brainwashed they are. And by the way, they’re so dumb, they assume you agree with them. They have no idea what you really think. They haven’t spent five minutes wondering why you voted for Donald Trump in the first place, and by the way, they don’t care.

The GOP is pathetic.

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  1. Paraphrasing Reagan, “The Republican Party left us.” Hopefully, PRESIDENT Trump establishes a new party and we’ll be there!!!!

      1. Sounds GREAT TO ME! I will vote for Trump no matter when he runs for the Presidency again. So far he has been one of the best within our history, but our despicable “leaders” are too stupid to realize it, and I’ll never again vote for one of THEM.

        1. I totally agree with you, but I wonder, even we could get Trump elected in a different party, how will we get House Reps and Congressional senators in office? Just wondering if someone has an idea.

        2. Lets do! And we must circulate big posters with a logo surrounding one big homely head of pelosi and just below and circling her smaller pix’s of schmuck, mcconnell, shifty shiff, perhaps a few more such as the mormon traitor and the logo reads as The Shame of America-Traitors one and all. Encircling that ovomit’s arms, his head with a tin foil crown, his lips turned up in a sneer, horns, and all. Pix of weal namby pamby wet spaghetti spined…….supposed to be men rinos!
          If there is any one person who caused the sedition, rebellion, hatred etc., it is pelosi. Where are the cries for her impeachment? Why has nobody pulled their hair out over all of the trouble she caused right from the get go. Wasn’t tearing up Trump state of the nation an act of sedition, trying to get the military to plot a coup, Threats to the population at large while they have persecuted Trump since he first swore office, paying Antifa to riot in cities and so on and so forth. Let’s get rid of her!
          The stench of rot will forever linger over DC! And last but not least-we must investigate the rinos and never let them become elected. After Pelosi e.t. al. Pelosi: Got along without you before I met you, gonna get along without you now!

          1. Amen Amen, Well said MSPS. The Dems think its all done but I have great news for our President Donald Trump.
            JESUS CHRIST is alive and well and before they realize it, Trump will be sitting at his desk in the oval office. To GOD
            be the Glory!!!

    1. I sure hope Trump starts a new party! The Republicans have left behind a lot of hard working people of Faith in God, with morals based on the 10 Commandments and commitment to the United States of America, its Constitution, Bill of Rights!

  2. You’re right on the money! The GOP should be kissing Donald Trump’s feet and doing all they can to support him! Alas, it’s still the “Good Old Boys” Network, but guess what??? Americans are sick of McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the do-nothing Congress and we are going to demand change in the future! Donald Trump was the best thing that has happened to the Republican Party in years and they’re either too dumb or too jealous of his success to acknowledge it!

    1. The hate for President Trump from the swamp creatures has festered as he has been trying to empty the swamp. The existing swamp creatures do not want to lose their gravy train of benefits and hand-outs from corporations so they bonded together to make life miserable for our great President. President Trump was unable to get support from existing swamp creatures as they are too embedded in the culture or DC. Not much hope for us in trying to get term-limits approved as the existing swamp creatures certainly don’t want to be limited to two terms. How could they continue to build their portfolios and retire with millions.

        1. Yes it is..I have NEVER seen it like this in my lifetime!! & I saw Kennedy shot..the hatred, cruelty, lies, & pure backstabbing is beyond measure not to mention the division in this country…if I didn’t know better I’d say civil war # 2 was next…..

    2. They are ALL too dumb and also very jealous of President Trump’s success! None of them could have ever accomplished what he did in four years! The new party – The Trumplican Party – will vote out all Rinos in the next upcoming election! What does around – comes around!

  3. Dummies is a kind word giving them credit for more intelligence than they have. The Republican Party as it exists now is caput! President Trump will have a major impact on all their replacements.

    1. No so fast! Since we are in a crisis and being that Trump is the highest ranking authority in the Country and the Supreme Court can only defend the Constitution We can force the Supreme Court into transparency. The will not be able to hide If they don’t recertify the Texas case they will turn over our country to the communists and that would be treason. All risk being tried and convicted, doesn’t matter the Court.

  4. Agree, agree, AGREE with Tucker Carlson. Have been wondering why not just the Dem-controlled courts, state legislatures, election boards, judges – all of whom refused to look into the very obvious egregious election fraud allegations that occurred in Nov. 2020, but soon figured it out. As long as Mr. Trump seemed on top of his game, making headway against the vile, lying Dems, they were on board. When that seemed to turn – and, as some have pointed out, CORPORATE contributions went south, all that “support” disappeared. What would I as a Trump supporter like to see? Either Mr. Trump builds the biggest, most far-reaching conservative media network, extending though the entire world, and in every platform so as to really (really) inform the public as to what is going on) – or, form ANOTHER PARTY, with either him or someone who like him who would make a JOKE of both parties, be a big, fat pain in the a** – forever. He could do that, and would cheer him on…

  5. Trump has helped all Republicans, no questions asked, and this is the thanks he gets. McConnell nd McCarthy, what the hell are you thinking about? Have you learned nothing over the last four years. Whether it be Mid-terms or General election, 75 Million Patriots won’t forget what you two and others have done. Easy street will be over for you. Please reconsider your actions before it ia too late.

  6. The biggest problem with the Republican party is they never stick together on anything. They seem to splinter off instead of sticking together on issues. Even when the Dems are doing evil things, they all stick together and that’s what makes them stronger. The majority of Republicans have a hard time trusting Republican leadership because of the way they splinter off and don’t fight for our rights.

    1. The new party – “The Trumplican Party” – will be where the 80M Trump supporters will help support! Everyone we know will be part of it!

    1. You’re so correct! They’re corrupt!! My family loves trump and all the great things that he has accomplished. We just have to believe that there are some strong republicans out there instead of these newbies who are going against our president!!

    1. There was always evil in both parties, how do u think they all got so rich? The republicans were just a little less corrupt! Or possibly they hid it better, but they all seem to be liars.

  7. There are republicans out there that see through these phones so called conservatives,when thing get a little tough they get on their knees and turn against Trump.Wait till November .What are going to say ,a Vote for me and I will not do nothing for you.Keep the traitors in mind .All of them

  8. I think if Mr. Trump decided to run again he should for the’ Making America Great Again’ party. Watching Commie Joe telling how he is going to save all of us. Almost could read the Tele promoter. God help all of us.

  9. The Republicans are spineless. They wanted to look like they were on board with the Democrats hoping to further their political. Career. Guess what idiots you will never get back in office again. Trump had nothing to do with inciting riots. If you traitors would have waited and listened you would have found out about Soros ANTIFA terrorists and how this was planned to throw Trump Supporters under the bus. You know what they say about Karma, they say it is a birch and traitors will eventually pay. I think our Supreme Court members are a disgrace. They are the highest Court in the land and yet they have stood by and have left ANTIFA and BLK terrorist burn our cities, burn businesses, let looters run free, and destroy our history. Now we have the Democrats completely obstructing our rights, Pelosi encouraging unrest, putting illegal immigrants before the American people. Why do we even have a Supreme Court of they are not put a stop to terrorist?? Makes me again think that they have been paid off like the rest of our politicians. If anyone would have listened to what “We the People” we’re saying this could have been stopped. The Democrats, Republicans, Supreme Court, and Congress are to blame for this unrest. It appears we need an additional party and start to eliminate some offices. Yes let’s not forget the Media, Hollywood, and Deep State (who are the extremely rich) are also responsible for this unrest. It is hypocrisy to say you are against everything America stands for but, who the he’ll do think made you or your parents wealthy. You will get your just reward eventually. Your crimes are so vast that God won’t forget.

    1. Pelosi acts likes she Queen of the USA! I have news for her. She will be the first to go (unless she cheats with the dominion servers). Don’t allow Dominion servers to be in elections any more!!

  10. Know what I think? I think that practically EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS wants President Trump GONE. Why? Because he is not trying to own everything in the US for himself which the Congressmen like too much. I am disgusted with MOST OF OUR “American government” that needs to resign and let real humans run it.

    1. Kathy
      He could do that without getting into politics this has cost him more than he could have made on the outside. Why don’t you talk to good old joe about not talking his paycheck as Trump did. The reason you will not talk to good old joe is because his god is the dollar .


  12. Yes trump is the best President i ever saw, twice i voted for him and will do so again. As for the double header snake called Congress , why do we pay these a holes to screw us every time!

  13. We will NEVER have a fair election again! It’s time We The People find a way to fire them ALL and start from scratch with a new party – The Trumplican Party!

  14. The best way to clear the swamp is the convention of states. Change the constitution to put in term limits. If the president can only have 2 terms all of congress needs to be limited as well.

    1. Pat Foster, you are so totally correct. I would only add to the COS a Balance the Budget Amendment to The Constitution, which We should have had years ago. It is NOT for Conservatives, but for the liberals to keep them in line with the Budget.

  15. We should write in Trumps name for everything. It’s pretty clear our votes won’t count. We may as well annoy them. It might jam their cheating system. They have evidence of exactly when the votes were flipped and where. It was done in other countries. But nobody has the backbone to stand up to them! Why are our voting machines linked to the internet?! Is this another stupid move by Congress? By the way, Trump got way more than 80 million legit votes!

  16. Yes it is..I have NEVER seen it like this in my lifetime!! & I saw Kennedy shot..the hatred, cruelty, lies, & pure backstabbing is beyond measure not to mention the division in this country…if I didn’t know better I’d say civil war # 2 was next…..

  17. President Trump is the best President we
    had in many years! If he decides to run
    again he should run under the Constitution
    party! Sticking to The constitution are founding Fathers put together to guide
    this Country!

  18. It won’t mater if there is a new party or not the Dems will always win every election unless we stop the fraud of ballot stuffing, cheating machines, & mail in fraud.
    We couldn’t even get a chance to show our evidence as the cowardly SCOTUS wouldn’t take up the most important case in US history because of John Roberts.
    Before anything we have to stop their ability to steel the elections or we will forever be under the dems just like the Chinese under their ruler, king, god or whatever they call him.
    We have but one GOD and remember it is said “God helps those who helps themselves” the dems take that to mean help them selves to line their pockets. Look at AOC couldn’t afford to pay rent now she wears $ 12,000.00 outfits. On her salary I don’t think so God help Us !!!!!!!!!!

  19. From: Hal Markiewicz, 75 year old registered Democrat since 1966,College graduate, 100% disabled Vietnam War Veteran, The “rioters” at the capital were NOT Trump supporters. I’ve watched at least 10 Trump rallies with between 25 and 50 thousand attendees each (always peaceful and NEVER Violent) and have NEVER before EVER seen Trump supporters wearing “Helmets” or carrying professionally made Plastic shields with handles on them like the one used to break windows to enter the Capital. Were these people sent by the radical “left” ??. Did Nancy send them to try and make it appear that Trump sent them

  20. Hopefully, it is just hours before Biden is arrested for high crimes against America, namely treason, financial profiting for family, and possibly pedophilia.

  21. God is still in control, stay strong. President Trump is not done yet. EVIL will be defeated. I like the “Patriotic Party”.

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