Tucker Carlson reports gun confiscation that has already happened in the United States

Fox News host Tucker Carlson addressed the decrease of gun rights for Americans over the past three decades during a new episode of Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Originals.”

The Fox host noted specific times when the government overreached their rights and confiscated guns in the wake of disasters and violent outbreaks, and how that has damaged gun rights as a whole.

Firstly Carlson noted when the New Orleans Police Department implemented a mass gun confiscation in the days following Hurricane Katrina that devastated the area.

The 2005 event plunged the city into a chaotic wasteland as evacuations and storm damage gave way to looting. That prompted local PD to lose control, stop attempting to enforce the law and in some cases even join in on the looting.

But to solve the problem, police targeted citizens collecting guns in what was, according to Carlson, the “most aggressive gun confiscation scheme in modern American history.”

Jim Richard, a victim of gun confiscation, said that when he saw people in the streets with guns cleaning out stores. he decided to take his boat and get his gun collection. He was stopped on the water and asked if he had firearms on board, and when he admitted he legally obtained weapons, they drew M-16’s and confiscated his collection of 17 guns.

“A lot of people don’t think like their guns can be taken. It can happen. It did happen,” Richard said, contradicting that with his own story.

“The people that were the most vulnerable—they took the guns away from them when they needed them the most,” said Gordon Hutchinson, co-author of “The Great New Orleans Gun Grab.”

According to Carlson’s account, the local police knocked on doors with assault rifles and in some cases even knocked in doors. The Fox host warned listeners that while many don’t think it can happen, in some places it already has.