Tucker Carlson: Liberals want to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene because they hate democracy

If you haven’t heard. all the Democratic politicians and major media outlets want freshman congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene expelled from Congress. That’s despite the fact that she was voted into office with 75% of the vote in her district.

So much for Democracy. Dems think they should have a veto over the American people.

Tucker Carlson had an amazing segment on why Greene is such a hot button issue. Carlson said:

This week’s enemy is freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who is apparently so dangerous that in the name of democracy, she must be expelled from Congress. She was elected just months ago with 75% of the vote, roughly the same percentage that Nancy Pelosi got out in San Francisco. There’s no question that her voters very much wanted her to represent them in Washington.

On the other hand, what are her voters have to do with democracy? That’s not how democracy works. In the new democracy, CNN gets the veto. If cable news doesn’t like your views, you have to leave Congress. That’s the rule. The test is entirely ideological. You don’t actually have to harm anyone to lose your job. This new member of Congress has barely even voted, but CNN says she has bad opinions. Therefore, she’s the greatest threat we face.

Now, if you’re skeptical about any of this, our advice is keep it to yourself, because free inquiry is dead and unauthorized questions are hate speech. Anyone who suggests that this one member of Congress is not really America’s greatest enemy is by definition one of America’s greatest enemies. That would include “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, which CNN spent yet another weekend trying to get pulled off the air by force. They’re children, obviously, but that does not mean they will not win in the end or that it won’t get worse in the meantime.

Why, you ask? Simple: Donald Trump is gone now. That’s very bad news for the many people who made a living yelling at Donald Trump. And it’s especially dangerous for their political party, a party whose nonsensical coalition can only hang together by collectively throwing rocks at whomever happens to be at the center of the hate circle today. If there’s no more Donald Trump, that means you get to be Donald Trump.

Conservatives need to understand that no matter how much they denounce whoever the liberal media is outraged about, they’ll still be the enemy at the end of the day.

In my opinion, Greene has said some stupid things. But if we expelled people from Congress for saying stupid things, we wouldn’t have any congresspeople left.

The left doesn’t care about Greene – they care about power. Conservatives would be stupid to take the bait.