Tucker Carlson: Left’s calls for gun control designed to disarm political opposition

In the wake of multiple mass shootings in recent weeks, President Joe Biden has called on Congress to enact a series of gun control measures long sought by the left, but as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson announced this week, he believes the move is more about disarming law-abiding Americans and consolidating power than protecting the citizenry from violence.

During a Thursday address to the nation, Biden decried the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas and the supermarket attack in Buffalo, New York and used those occasions to bolster his arguments in support of greater restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

“How much carnage are we willing to accept? How many more innocent American lives must be taken before we say enough? Enough,” Biden asked, according to CBS News.

The president then proceeded to demand reinstatement of a ban on assault weapons as well as on high-capacity magazines, the raising of the minimum purchase age for semi-automatic guns from 18 to 21, and the imposition of stronger background checks, red-flag laws, and safe-storage regulations.

In Carlson’s estimation, however, these calls for change from Democrats such as Biden are less about an overarching concern for safety than they are about disarming their political opponents.

“If any of the people in charge wanted this to be a safer country, they wouldn’t have caused the current crime wave in the first place. They would not have defunded police. They wouldn’t be encouraging open-air drug markets in our cities. They wouldn’t be sending crack pipes to addicts,” Carlson opined.

“But they’re not worried about the public health at all. What they’re worried about is public resistance to their policies. Disarming the population ends that resistance, the Fox News host added.

Underscoring the broader motivations at play behind the current push for gun control, Carlson stated, “They’re very concerned because they know they rule illegitimately that the population will rise up. That probably has not occurred to you. It’s definitely occurred to them, and it’s occurred to the corporate media they control, whose job it is to push their power grabs… .”

Sounding the alarm about supposed conservatives who may be willing to throw in with the Democrats to curry favor with the liberal media intelligentsia, Carlson rhetorically asked, “Now, you’d think Republican office holders exist to push back against this and to defend the Bill of Rights? Isn’t that their job? Is that not what you voted for them? Oh, no. They’re playing along just to show they care.” And that is something that should spur every freedom loving American to immediate action.