Tucker Carlson is beating the liberal media like a drum – and they know it

CNN’s Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy penned a newsletter aimed at primetime Fox News host Tucker Carlson attempting to give an explanation for Carlson’s stellar ratings. 

In the newsletter, Stelter acknowledged that CNN spends what he called “a significant chunk of time covering Tucker Carlson” saying that they have been questioned about that and the Fox superstar’s ratings. 

“The answer is apparent in the daily ratings scoreboard. Fox’s ratings at 8 o’clock sharp look like a rocket lifting off into outer space, which, coincidentally is where some of Carlson’s ideas belong.”

According to the CNN anchor, Carlson’s “rocket-like spike in ratings across cable news” is “the single biggest gathering of GOP diehards anywhere on TV,” a statement that is hard to see as anything other than a diss toward conservatives.

Stelter went on to say that Carlson is watched so closely because he is “trusted” by his base and that they believe him if he says something is “confirmed,” such as his “crazed” theories that “the NSA is spying on this show.”

For Stelter though, Carlson’s live show is “conspiracy-laden right-wing conversation” and nothing more. 

Not to be outdone, CNN’s Oliver Darcy wrote about the rating topper, “Carlson’s own colleagues aren’t buying what he is selling. The day after Carlson delivered his explosive claim, none of his colleagues covered the ‘story.’

“I searched transcripts and could not find a single mention throughout the day Tuesday. And the Fox website didn’t carry any coverage of his spy claim for most of the day either – although, after inquiries, the site added a simple transcript of Carlson’s remarks. This brings us to a larger Q: If Carlson’s own colleagues don’t even appear to believe what he says, why should anyone else?” Great point.” Read Oliver’s full story here

It’s difficult to see Stelter and Oliver’s comments as anything beyond the jealous ramblings of those who were unable to achieve the top of their field but Stelter left his readers insults packaged as advice saying viewers, “have to decide: Ignore what he spews, or scrutinize it and supply a reality check, knowing that’s going to cause him to double down?”