Tucker Carlson indicts Nancy Pelosi for ‘criminal’ misinformation about kids and covid

On his most recent show, Fox host Tucker Carlson indicted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her misleading comments suggesting that it wasn’t safe to reopen schools.

Carlson said: “If they were your kids, you could make the key decisions about their lives, but they’re not…Those kids, your former kids, belong to Tony Fauci now. Tony Fauci, America’s parent. He’ll make the decisions about your kids, thank you very much, in conjunction with the nation’s uber mom. Who, by the way, is also 80 years old, Mrs. Nancy D. Pelosi.”

Carlson then played a damning video of Pelosi’s comments:

The Washington Examiner reports that “Carlson called Pelosi’s comments ‘criminal.'”

“If that’s not criminal, what she just said, we may need to redefine what it means to commit a crime,” Carlson said. “Sixty million school-aged children affected by a decision that was wrong and many of them hurt for life, but we just blow right past it and allow political leaders like that to blow right past it with phrases like ‘the health of our children.’ What happens when you lock children in their rooms in front of screens and prevent them from experiencing human contact? Has Nancy Pelosi ever been asked that question? Has she ever wondered about the answer?”

He continued:

“According to the Centers for Disease Control, a total of 522 children between the ages of 5 and 14 died of suicide in 2017…In that same age group, only 42 children have died from the coronavirus so far this year. What are those suicide numbers going to look like if we continue to take Nancy Pelosi’s advice?”

Pelosi is the worst kind of politician. She clearly and transparently doesn’t care for the truth. The only thing Nancy does care about is whether she can use something to her political advantage, no matter how much damage it does to America’s kids.

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    1. LOCK HER UP‼️Pelosi is crooked, corrupt, a liar, a thief and should be kicked out of Congress‼️🇺🇸 She’s gained weight and her face looks like it’s turning into a prune!
      She should see a psychiatrist immediately‼️🇺🇸Actually Pelosi and Hillary have mental issues! Their husbands should keep them at home‼️🇺🇸

  1. Thank God for Texas where the schools are open completely. Did you know that Nancy Pelosi is the aunt of Newsome, Gov. of CA?

  2. Its unfortunate Pelossi and Waters have been milking the system for all these years with corrupt practices. i also include Cummings who fortunately for tax payors left this earth. I only hope we don’t have to experience a severe recession and depression for individuals to focus on on the distorted messages from Obama and his Soros banker that are destroying our country which was based on Judeo Christian principles.We need to hold individuals accountable to the principles of our constitution or choose another country in keeping with their beliefs. Many Americans made sacrifices and went to war for our country. Thus give up your citizenship and allow our country to pay for a one way trip to your country of choice. Be happy

    1. All representatives as Maxine Waters (lives in $1M home) do not live in the districts they represent. Maxine Waters is a criminal. She told a group of people to get in the face of Republicans, no matter where they are, in a restaurant, in an office bldg,, in a hair salon, etc. That is a threat. Maxine Waters should be thrown out of office on her a-s and put in jail for threatening people and for not living in her poor black district. She steals money and pays her daughter. Enough is enough for this evil witch and her evil leader Nancy Pelosi. Get rid of the Communists in the Democratic Party. I call them the Gestapo. One cannot threaten people and try to hurt them in this country. In addition, Nancy Pelosi ripped up Pres. Trump’s speech, which are federal papers. Immediately she should have been arrested. And Maxine Waters belongs on Riker’s Island for threatening to harm and hurt people who do not believe in what she believes in. She only believes in Maxine Waters. Look into her bank account and portfolio. She has ripped off the American taxpayers for many years and is a dangerous person. Nancy Pelosi is a dangerous person as well. She will steal, cheat, at any chance she gets. Held up money for the stimulus because she wants to wipe the backside of the cities that destroyed themselves with their corrupt mayors and the people of this country did not get the stimulus money. What a witch. For Christmas, give these two a broomstick.

  3. American Citizens, we need to keep our guard up. Patriots, We love Great America, we have to fight for our country, take our country back. We hire the official to serve and protect us, the people, they have special duty to fulfill, the power belongs to the people. Bill Barr, FBI, DOJ, do your job. The swamp needs to be drained. Illegal, fraud, criminal acts need to be exposed, investigated. We, the American Citizens want our voices to be heard.

  4. Piglosi touts her” caring for the kids” yet backs the most horrendous abortion bills on record! Double speaker there! She cares nothing about anyone but her greedy self! The demonrats should be profoundly angry that she shot all of them in the foot with her insane “ covid relief” demands that have NOTHING to do with covid relief! Just giving money to planned parenthood, illegals, her “ pet” projects etc. thank you nan, keep up the good work of defeating your own party! Ha ha ha ha!

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