Tucker Carlson features Candace Owens’ tragic take: We’re losing America

Conservative commentator Candace Owens told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that ignorance is the second “pandemic” sweeping the nation, according to CNS News.

“We have two pandemics going on right now” – ignorance and cowardice – conservative Owens said Tuesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, following the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin

Owens’ comment was in response to a question about why she believed America has a one-sided justice system that allows violent crimes by liberals to be excused or defended.

“There’s a pandemic of ignorance in this country, and that is only allowed to fly because we also have a pandemic of cowardice in this country. 

“Okay? We have people that are purposely putting out a bunch of ignorant claims, and then we have people that are too cowardly to stand up and say, ‘You know what, this is wrong.’”

Owens unloaded on the “people that are sitting in Congress” who she says aren’t willing to take this fight where it needs to be taken.”

The conservative commentator then contrasted the media coverage of former President Donald Trump versus the coverage of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and how Trump’s call for a march on the Capitol was treated versus Waters calls for violence. 

“I’m so old, Tucker, that I remember when a man said (to) march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol and that was considered an incitement for violence, right?

“Look at what Maxine Waters says. No one in the media’s condemning these remarks,” Owens went on, reminding viewers of when Waters encouraged her supports to “Rush down, if you see a Trump supporter, you’ve got to rush them down in the restaurants.”

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  1. Our country is going down the toilet–and we are the only ones who can stop it. Come on, Patriots. Get up, march into a Congress meeting (not in violence, except to defend yourselves), and make your voices heard.

  2. Chauvin trial outcomes:

    o Jury Non sequester
    o Outside influences effect IE Maxine Mouth & Biden
    o Jury under intimidation from Mob
    Chauvin “walks”

    True MN justice right

  3. Why don’t all of the migrants get together and overthrow their own government, and make it better to stay and live there? What’s wrong with these people.

  4. Karla, Ken & the rest… it SHOULD NOT BE…a problem with the “justice system” nor the election process…GET BUSY & work for change!!! BEFORE ITS TOO LATE~~~

  5. We need to fix our justice system in America. It has to apply evenly to all people. Since Hillary it has not. She got by with breaking a lot of laws, not to mention government Blackberries. And since there have been many others on the left who have not even been charged even though we all know they broke the law.

  6. This is why they call it Criminal Justest its for the criminal not for the lawful people of this country. All the lawyers are not being honest for the rights of the true law of this world. This was so nice to hear from some one that stands up for the rights of the police, the political rights and not the untruthful media the only lines with the one sided view and forgets to tell the whole story. Thank you Candace Owens for speaking up for the people whom see and hear the same things your speaking about and being told we are racist, or just radical idiots and don’t know what we are talking about.

  7. I really think Waters & many of the other idiots in congress are being blackmailed and/or forced to perform their stupid agenda. They’ve got too much to fear & hide, knowing they’ll be exposed soon. A lot of them have ties to the chinese communist party. Put 2 & 2 together. Our military intelligence knows this , are letting these selfish morons play out their games. Biden is not the legitimate president either.

  8. Wake up America & stand up for what is rightfully yours or you will wake up to living in a way that you will not like…trust me.

  9. A microphone is all well and good, and things need to be said, but if the Republicans won’t get access to some backbone, step up to the plate and actually DO something, our freedoms will all be gone with the wind. They have always been all talk and NO action. If they can’t stand up for America, then they need to get out of the way and let real Americans handle the situation. And there are some Patriots that will do something besides sit around and watch what is happening to our country.

  10. Biden……Hitler was insane too
    Biden….. Hitler paid people at first too
    Biden……Hitler started a war too
    Biden……Hitler attacked citizens, to deflect his main agenda……
    Biden…..Hitler attacked 6,000,000 citizens too
    Biden……Hitler killed them with insane rhetoric
    Like yours

  11. War is coming…..
    Furher Biden/dems wiping out whites. They fear us. Bought blacks, paying illegals to come.

    Welcome to Biden concentration camp
    Sig Hiel


  13. I have a lot of respect for Candace… I appreciate her fighting for our country! How about some other republicians with access to a microphone join her? Anyone going to step up?

  14. Another astute and articulate young person is Senator Burgess Owens of Utah. He gave a very clear explanation of the history of Jim Crow and pointed out how misguided and confused people are – when they equate Jim Crow with the proposed voting laws of Georgia.

    Are Burgess Owens and Candace Owens related? Both are very astute and articulate.

  15. Candace, as usual, is correct and much of it due to the cowardice of the judge and jury in the Chauvin case in Minneapolis which has now emboldened the punks and thugs to try more threats tog et their way.

  16. Candice Owens is 100% correct!!! It is all very sad, yet people need to come to realize and believe the real answer is IN the Lord Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Nations belong to God Almighty alone. The real warfare is between God and the Devil. Always has and always will be till The Lord Jesus returns for His people. So I see The Devil’s army (slaves) on the left (Democrates) in the administration of the White House now. God’s army that will prevail ultimately is those on the right (Republicans)–working to obey and please our God, by staying true to the Constitution and most importantly the Bible, God’s word which is said to be–whether you don’t believe in Him and His word or not, makes NO difference. Because God SAID IT AND THAT SETTLES IT!
    So for the most part people on the left in the devils army are working so hard to play God and take God’s place as, God above all Gods, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Not going to happen!!! Only a matter of God’s perfect timing before He puts these fools, evildoers, and their wicked ways in their rightful places if they don’t wake up and face the facts that God alone is God and they are NOT!!!

  17. And this is the legacy of what we’re leaving to our children and grandchildren! God help us shed our cowardice toward the misguided liberals who support rampant disregard for law and justice, but who, by their “tolerance” for breaking the law in the name of “fairness” display despicable tolerance for those who spout words and acts of terror which spit in the face of the principles and laws which were put in place by our nation’s formers–the very foundation stones of our country.

  18. Waters is just another person using race too justify her ignorance. She is so hateful against whites. Prejudice bit

    1. They will finally think twice about what they believe in once they are all in concentration camps. It’ll be too late then and they all deserve it. May they rest in hell. That is where our country is headed. And don’t even think about praying to God. That will either land you in a “reeducation” camp or get you executed. You better not have a Bible. Our country was founded because of religious persecution. The people running it are a godless people and want to brainwash everyone else so we do their bidding!!!

    2. Owen’s should use the same tactics waters is using. Get out there and spout off the real truth about what the politicians are doing to our country. It may start out slow but it will build into something very large because half the population need someone to lead them to express themselves. They are too afraid to say anything right now for fear of aggressive retaliation from the left (that is what the democrats do). They just need a good leader and I think Candace Owen’s is the one. DEATH TO THE LEFT!

  19. I just don’t understand how people can sit back and watch what is going on in this country- OUR COUNTRY. You watch PELOSI, Waters, Schumer, Biden, etc. you see that they don’t give a damn about you yet you shake your head and say “oh well”. Come on guys Our country needs us.

  20. I am in total agreement with Candace Owens. You can go on other websites and read comments from the radical left and just shake your head. There are so many stupid people out there who believe every word from the fake news media and they base their arguments solely on that. Almost half the American people are brainwashed and they keep insisting they are right. No common sense. They can no longer think for themselves but just parrot everything they hear from the radical left and fake news. These people are never going to wake up to what’s really going on. If they ever do, it will be too late for them.

    1. They will finally think twice about what they believe in once they are all in concentration camps. It’ll be too late then and they all deserve it. May they rest in hell. That is where our country is headed. And don’t even think about praying to God. That will either land you in a “reeducation” camp or get you executed. You better not have a Bible. Our country was founded because of religious persecution. The people running it are a godless people and want to brainwash everyone else so we do their bidding!!!

  21. It is so sad what is going on in our country I guess there is no one standing up for the good of America the only person that would stand up for our rights is president trump and president trump is the real president all these rich jerks think they can do whatever I hope they all lose every dime they have I never thought this could ever happen to America somehow we have to get rid of all these corrupt people in whitehouse and get trump. Back in

  22. DEFUND THE MEDIA. You will never get a true story from any major media outlet. And there is no way anyone can have an honest open dialouge with all the lies spouted by them. I am with Candice 100%

    1. That is exactly right, and she will go right on increasing it. But then, on the other hand, she is no different than the other Communist Democrats.

  23. Absolutely. And it’s not just in the media, corporations, and politicians. Everyday people are slinking around, whispering their serious thoughts, making sorrowful. sad sack expressions in their silence. As they enforce this on the children, they are forcing a major split of extreme proportions where a young person becomes a slinking coward or a brutal bully but neither is able to speak their mind with any sense, or knowledge of facts.

  24. Candace Owens is a very bright and astute young lady! And I agree with every word she spoke! If the ignorance and cowardice are not “fixed” very soon, the America we have always known is going to be lost! Armageddon, here you come!

      1. Money & power is the creature of HATE & DISRESPECT and the seed of ANARCHY which is spreading all over this nation thanks to our inept politicians who are helpless and are playing right into the hands of ISIS who were eliminated some time ago!

    1. Have you noticed all this hate has come about since Biden was fraudulent put in the White House. People are angry as they have a right to be but Trump never advocated violence to reliever one’s anger. Biden and team appear to be doing just that and stupid people are actually doing his bidding.

      1. All this hate and division started by the racists Obama. And to this day they are using the race and violence card to keep them decided.
        Nothing will change as long as the OBAMAS, Pelousy and George Soros are backing and paying people to be violent.
        We need to cut off the snakes heads to kill the snakes body

        1. I agree with you 100% because this all started when obama the muslim got in office and he started puting down the police and the black criminals did no wrong because he took up for every one of them that did a crime and got shot resisting arrest he said they were innocence
          before he knew what really happened.

  25. How true this country is rapidly going down the toilet, but with all of our faults people still want to come here and live

    1. Sure why not they get everything FREE, they are given more than American citizens housing , medical, college, money, day care and on and on


      1. For those of us who VOTE – we MUST be diligently PREPARED to vote – we must know EVERYTHING the candidate stands for…their history, WHERE they got their education (liberal, conservative, religious – WHERE & WHAT is taught)…we, the PEOPLE are all responsible for the shape the country is in – – WE voted for them even if not at the poll…by being NON active in helping the good folks get into office we give up our right to complain…Conservatives and those LEANING conservative need to WAKE UP and clean up by getting conservative people elected…GET BUSY NOW FOLKS FOR THE 2022 AND 2024 ELECTIONS…2022 should be “practice” for 2024…GET BUSY NOW

        1. We voted and our votes didn’t count. The Democrats cheated at the poles. I know for a fact they cheated. I have a copy of the actual results of the election from Germany before Dominion servers were seized. Electoral votes:
          TRUMP- 410
          BIDEN- 128

      2. I agree. It will take guns in the streets to stop all this nonsense. I think its going to happen sooner than we think.

    3. people want to come back here to live because they remember the good past, the future is doomed for awhile. thats what crooked or one-sided judges/politicians/lawyers/rinos/demonrats/Soros have brought us. I hope ALL receive what the real Obummer attained by firing squad @ Gitmo, and what the real Hillary attained by rope @ Gitmo… may it find them soon and not fail! amen

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