Tucker Carlson Fans STUNNED – On Live TV

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4 Responses

  1. These so-called transgender people are a slap in the face of God, he created man and woman not this garbage that is being crammed down our throats

  2. I believe Tucker misunderstood the reason for the bill being sent back to be re-written. She did not veto it. If she had signed it, it would only be good in South Dakota and those athletes that wanted to go further would still be stymied. They need the same legislation throughout the states to make it good for all women athletes. I agree with the guest above who says they need their own league. So Noem is correct in having the bill re-written so they cannot be sued by the transgender group. Noem is a very smart woman.

  3. If transgenders what to play sports, they should have their own league and play other transgenders! There should be enough to make a several good leagues!

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