Tucker Carlson exposes CNBC official who skirted rules on donating to political campaigns

The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop seem to still be generating bombshell revelations but have continued to remain largely ignored by most of the mainstream media.

However, according to the Washington Examiner, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has no interest in ignoring the story, and he revealed on a recent show that emails obtained from the laptop show a top CNBC executive admitting that he used his wife to skirt company policies on donating to political campaigns.

Brian Steel, the former senior vice president of communications at CNBC, reportedly admitted in emails found on the laptop that he actively dodged NBC’s policies regarding campaign donations.

“These documents show that a CNBC executive used his wife to dodge company rules that barred financial contributions to political campaigns,” Carlson said.

“In 2015, Breitbart first reported the wife of a man called Brian Steel who, until recently, was an executive vice president at CNBC, was a Hillary Clinton donor. A big Hillary Clinton donor,” Carlson said.

He added: “That report came to light after a CNBC Republican debate that featured several biased questions favoring Democrats. It was pretty over the top, actually. It’s on YouTube. Treat yourself some time.”

Carlson went on to share the exact email that clearly revealed Steel admitting that he didn’t care much for impartiality, which is one of the primary reasons why NBC, and other media outlets, ban their employees from contributing to political campaigns.

“I’d love to support [congressional candidate] fran [person] but unfortunately as the evp of cnbc I’m not allowed to donate to political campaigns,” the email read.

“In years past I would get around that by having my wife donate but after cnbc hosted a controversial/aggressive republican primary debate earlier this year, breitbart and rush limbaugh outed me as the husband of a ‘max’ hillary donor so I can’t even have eileen donate any more.'”