Tucker Carlson enrages media liberals by praising ‘bright, decent’ Kyle Rittenhouse

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson scored the first post-acquittal interview with Kyle Rittenhouse, and the primetime host walked away from the experience with an impression of his subject as a “bright, decent, sincere, dutiful, and hardworking” person, an assessment that drew the immediate ire of commentators on the left.

The exclusive sit-down, which aired Monday night, was a ratings winner for Fox News, pulling in an average of roughly five million viewers and crushing the competition – namely CNN and MSNBC – combined, as the network itself reported.

During the interview, Rittenhouse offered insights into various facets of his lengthy ordeal, covering topics such as what actually took place on that fateful night in the summer of 2020, his time in jail, the ups and downs of his criminal trial, and the defamatory characterizations of him lobbed by prominent figures in the media and in politics.

The Fox News host went to great lengths to give viewers a detailed look at the young man whose murder trial divided the nation – largely because of intentional media distortions of the facts – and began the roughly hour-long presentation with a sympathetic take on Rittenhouse’s personal story. WATCH:

Carlson was clearly very favorably impressed by Rittenhouse, who is also the subject of a longer-form documentary set to air on the Fox Nation streaming service in December, declaring, among other things, “What a sweet kid. I think that comes through loud and clear,” as the Daily Beast noted.

Speaking to Carlson after the interview’s debut was complete, fellow Fox News host Jeanine Pirro also had praise for Rittenhouse, opining, This young man is far more intelligent than people wanted to give him credit for. There are many more dimensions to him than people realize.”

Unsurprisingly, the reactions of Carlson and Pirro prompted outrage from liberal pundits and personalities far and wide, with CNN’s Oliver Darcy leading the sneering hordes by suggesting that the interview and subsequent praise of Rittenhouse is akin to “excusing the general concept of vigilante justice” as well as “actively encouraging it.”

Though members of the mainstream media chorus reacted derisively to the Monday night program by declaring the host a Rittenhouse “fanboy” who “exalted” the 18-year-old they all wanted to see imprisoned for life, their overblown scorn is unlikely to change the minds of the millions of Americans who believe justice truly was served last week in Kenosha County.