Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Trump Enemy – This Is Amazing

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    1. I wouldnt bet my life on what he has to say…..thats what you are doing if you believe anything he has to say….as far as Im concerned he is a guilty as Cuomo for the deaths in America.

  1. I am tired of the left’s bullies continuing to spread lies and hate for anyone who has a hint of conservatism. They are doing exactly what the Chinese government has done the past few years. Arresting anyone who want to be democratic and have a free country. This is what the democrats have done since Obama. They exaggerate and lie on anything the right say.

  2. People south of the border are hardcore Catholics, and that is what will kill Democrats, because democrats are Satan worshipers, and after they (people south of the border hardcore Catholics) become citizens and can vote they will not vote for a Democrat devil worshiper.

  3. Jill Biden was not interested in helping at the border, only in putting her name on it. Till the problem got to big to handle, then she ran for cover, just like the Democrats do.

    Something that liberals don’t like to think about is that conservatives are born that way, they are not made that way, liberals are. Liberals have to be trained to be liberals, conservatives are natural born, so they will never get rid of them. conservatism is a natural condition, even [email protected] is conservatism after the first year or two when the government runs out of other peoples money to spend, then everyone will have to conserve everything in order to survive. If you have any doubts about this, all you have to do is look at Russia, or China, North Korea, Venezuela, or any communist country or dictatorship. This is the way they are run, basically they are [email protected] states, and conservatism is the natural condition in a [email protected] state. They talk about machines that make food out of thin air, or clothing, or vehicles, I am still looking for that tree that grows money, that I heard about when I was a child, but don’t think that it exist any more, maybe George cut it down. You liberals that have children, know that this means that you raising the next generation of conservatives.

  4. Follow the science not Dr. Fauci, it will get you there, The science shows that 80% of new cases are contracted in the home, so, if you want to get infected stay home to get it, get it.

    Follow Dr. Fauci’s obedience training course, and practice wearing your masks every day, and be a good little puppy, nice doggy.

  5. To Katie Pavlich: About Harris laughing;
    You don’t understand her thinking, she thinks it is funny because she does not understand, why you would think that it is important when she does not intend to do any thing about it. She thinks that you are asking stupid questions about what she has no intentions of doing anything at all about, and never did. They keep saying that they are studying or doing this or that, when in fact they are doing nothing except delaying doing anything, so as many illegals cross the border as possible, before they are forced to act. This is a typical Democrat tactic to delay and obstruct for as long as possible.

  6. Solution to the problem:
    of the press vilifying the police, by accusing the police of hunting down and killing minorities. The press has no evidence of such a trend. They are using this only to increase their ratings and sell papers. This is done by vilifying and endangering law enforcement officers, putting them more at risk for doing their job. The solution is simply to make the media and the press, also print the justification for their reporting, in other words if they can’t report the facts they should not report anything. If they report something that later is found not to be true, they must print a redaction on the front page, that covers at least half of the page, a long with an apology to any that might have been aversely effected by the report. You would soon see better more responsible reporting when the press sees redactions on the front page instead of hiding them in back where they are never seen. I think that all states need to put a law on the books, that would require all papers to put redaction on the front page, a long with an apology to any that may have been aversely effected by the report. Also media outlets could put redactions on their home pages for all to see. Now don’t you think that would be a good thing. To see people like Suckerberg, Darcy, have to take responsibility for reporting on their sites.

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