Tucker Carlson demolishes mainstream media journalists, calls them ‘cowards’

Politics aside, anyone who says the mainstream media hasn’t changed for the worse over the past decade or two is probably not being honest.

Leave it to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to definitively describe just how horrendous the mainstream media landscape is these days, which is exactly what he did in a recent interview with OutKick, in which he absolutely demolished the industry inside of one interview, according to the Daily Caller

The Fox News primetime host ripped into the journalists who make up the bulk of today’s mainstream media, contrasting them with journalists around the time his father was in the print and television industry, who seemed genuinely interested in delivering the news in an honest fashion.

“Now, we just have those who are small-minded, status-obsessed, insecure, not that bright, just not impressive who are pretending to ask questions. It just makes me sick. I really hate them,” Carlson said.

He went on to charge many of today’s so-called journalists as “cowards,” while taking shots at the media for continually attempting to “crush” journalists who, in rare form, come up with a tough or controversial question, which is what a good journalist should be doing every day.

“How can someone doing this ask their wife to respect them? How can they ask their kids to respect them?” Carlson asked with regard to today’s crop of journalists in the media. “How can you say you are a man anymore? They are cringing animals who are not worthy of respect.”

He pointed to a recent instance where most of the left-leaning mainstream media pounced on an individual who donated $10 to a legal defense fund set up for Kyle Rittenhouse.

“They basically tried to destroy a guy for a $10 donation. I thought there are many things wrong with this. But … the main problem with it is the direction it’s aimed. It’s aimed downward,” Carlson said. “Journalism should always be upward.”

As usual, Carlson is right on the money with his assessment of journalism today. What was once a highly respected career field and profession currently feels about as respected as lawyers and politicians.

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  1. Right on since Trump era day 1
    Or only then had more anger toward Trump in office.
    Never did anything under Obama to Biden
    Useless pieces.
    Crap news

  2. Tucker Carlson is about the only professional and truthful journalist left in today’s rotten media. I admire him for not being afraid of the media and political mobs trying to cancel him.

  3. The vast majority of people in the media are
    Democrats. They lean to the far left & it seems
    like they all have filtered opinions & talking points that are filtered through the Democratic Party. They all have identical opinions instead of using real facts that real journalist are suppose to use. It is very frustrating because
    their news is not above board & truthful. They
    support what ever the Dems agenda narrative is whether true or false. They do a lot of apologizing after the fact but the damage has been done. A good example is Biden’s & Son’s
    ties to China & the nefarious backdoor deals. Also, Biden claimed he was running as a moderate yet he refuses to deal with Republicans. There are many examples. The Democrats want a one party system, big government, power & to control all of us. I don’t want the establishment politicians telling me how to live my life & canceling me for my
    Beliefs along with punishing me for my thoughts. Right now they have some of the protesters on Nov. 6th, that did nothing wrong,
    In jail for the belief that there was election fraud.

  4. I think we’re at the point where you can’t call it Journalism anymore.

    I call it Propaganda, the Lefts News, or Soc;al;sm.

    They are destroying what many generations worked hard for.

    This Country was respected by most of the world and now they are watching Soc;al;sts destroy the very
    fabric of what we stood for. There are a lot of Countries waiting to swoop in and take advantage of what’s left of us.

    Heaven help my grandkids and their children. I hope we f;ght this out before they’re born.

  5. I wish I thought the News Media would tell the News taking place instead of making up the garbage they call news. But it will never happen because the Demolowrats owns the fake news medias, all of them. The so called News Media are as low and sorry as the Demolowrats Polititans and that will never change as long as the idiot voters keep them in office. But GOD will come back and give the justice that they all deserve and that is sure as there are stars in the heavens.

  6. We definitely need to get our country in order. Only way right now is vote out the Democrats. Get the Republicans back in office and start working together as it should be. This is America and it’s time this happened.

  7. All we can hope for is that the media tell the truth and become so political, but they have. Like the Democratic Circus and they’re clowns push lies after lies until it becomes the the truth to them.I tried listening to CNN, CNBC ABC but all you get are lies about the Republicans and conservatives. They need to clean up their acts and report the truth. That’s what the American people deserve. Tucker is right on and always truthful.

    1. i see that cnn and cnbc ratings have slumped more than 50% after trump left office!let the layoffs begin!

    2. Look who controls them and you will find out that they are nothing but mouthpieces disguised as journalists. If it sounds like a duck it is probably a duck If it sounds like a communist it is a communist.

  8. Months ago I called for Tucker and Kayleigh to run on the big ticket in 2024…both have more brains and courage than the rest of the pack of wolves surrounding them.

  9. Well now this is interesting Carlson says what a lot of people already know the media is pushing out false claims everyday gee who would have guessed it

    1. Carlson is the biggest one pushing out false Claims. Then he tells people to report people whose children are wearing facemasks to child protection. He is not a medical expert and what he has said is actual child abuse that could permanently scar the child if anyone was to follow up on his ludicrous suggestion. With 30 years experience in social work he is a danger with these types of comments he makes

      1. Tucker is telling the truth. Face masks do not stop any virus. Kids don’t need them nor does anybody else. Most of the covid crap is fake news put out by the communist running this country ( includes liberal media).
        If you don’t like tucker, why do you watch him?

      2. the WOKE morons like you HATE THE TRUTH ! I just wonder HOW you are enjoying that HUGE INCREASE $$$$ in your GAS TANK ! Or how about the inflation in YOUR GROCERIES and YOUR SMALLER PAYCHECK? Only a moron would support that !

      3. Ah! The enablement expert speaks out. Those people have been providing excuses for stupid and irresponsible behavior for years.

      4. Most kids that are being abused in their homes in every way of abuse are left their by social workers and they die and people wonder why the social worker didn’t do anything I will tell you all social workers don’t care it’s on the news all time and nothing happens or changes but it surely gets buried by the news quickly.

      5. What lame universe do you live in? Or did you just show your intelligence needs more TRUTH in your info?

      6. You are in denial Marie. Tucker is not the enemy the media (abc, cbs, cnn, etc) are the ones putting out all this crap! Try listening to these so call journalists and you’ll hear it from them on those tv stations. Not Tucker Carlson.

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