Tucker Carlson demolishes mainstream media journalists, calls them ‘cowards’

Politics aside, anyone who says the mainstream media hasn’t changed for the worse over the past decade or two is probably not being honest.

Leave it to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to definitively describe just how horrendous the mainstream media landscape is these days, which is exactly what he did in a recent interview with OutKick, in which he absolutely demolished the industry inside of one interview, according to the Daily Caller

The Fox News primetime host ripped into the journalists who make up the bulk of today’s mainstream media, contrasting them with journalists around the time his father was in the print and television industry, who seemed genuinely interested in delivering the news in an honest fashion.

“Now, we just have those who are small-minded, status-obsessed, insecure, not that bright, just not impressive who are pretending to ask questions. It just makes me sick. I really hate them,” Carlson said.

He went on to charge many of today’s so-called journalists as “cowards,” while taking shots at the media for continually attempting to “crush” journalists who, in rare form, come up with a tough or controversial question, which is what a good journalist should be doing every day.

“How can someone doing this ask their wife to respect them? How can they ask their kids to respect them?” Carlson asked with regard to today’s crop of journalists in the media. “How can you say you are a man anymore? They are cringing animals who are not worthy of respect.”

He pointed to a recent instance where most of the left-leaning mainstream media pounced on an individual who donated $10 to a legal defense fund set up for Kyle Rittenhouse.

“They basically tried to destroy a guy for a $10 donation. I thought there are many things wrong with this. But … the main problem with it is the direction it’s aimed. It’s aimed downward,” Carlson said. “Journalism should always be upward.”

As usual, Carlson is right on the money with his assessment of journalism today. What was once a highly respected career field and profession currently feels about as respected as lawyers and politicians.