Tucker Carlson called out Biden’s aggression toward Americans in recent speech

President Joe Biden made an appearance in the Chicago area earlier in the week and according to Fox News Tucker Carlson, gave viewers a look at the president’s opinion of the American people in the age of COVID. 

Carlson said during Monday’s edition of Tuck Carlson Tonight that Biden spoke at length about the COVID-19 vaccine and told viewers that they would not be able to spread the virus if they got the shot, which is a statement that many in the medical profession have proven to be untrue.

Biden quickly moved on to berate the Americans who haven’t gotten the shot, which, according to Carlson, was likely the first time a sitting president has talked about American citizens the way most presidents have talked about foreign enemies.

Carlson said that hearing Biden’s words about citizens who haven’t gotten their COVID-19 vaccination was reminiscent of how dictators talk about “enemies in their midst.”

“It’s not the way American presidents talk, or ever have. Ever, for any reason, under any circumstances. We can’t think of a single example, even during the Civil War,” Carlson noted during his monologue.

“And yet, according to Joe Biden, unvaccinated Americans are the root of this country’s problems. They’re destroying our economy. They are killing our people. The unvaccinated, Biden said, are solely responsible for the outbreak of the Delta variant of COVID, the outbreak that has left tens of thousands of Americans dead.”

The Fox News host also went on to point out the irony of what he called the “morbidly obese governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker” who nodded along in seeming agreement with what the president was calling “settled science.”

“The unvaccinated are dangerous,” Biden announced, according to Carlson. “They are diseased. They’re dirty. They are unpatriotic. They are selfish. They are pathogens in human form. They have caused this deadly virus to ‘spread to our children, to spread throughout society,'” Carlson said continuing to quote what was no doubt a liberal adaptation of the president’s comments.

“They suffer because of their absurdity and their self-inflicted suffering burdens the rest of us. They ‘overcrowd our hospitals’ like a plague of swarming, gasping insects, they ‘overrun our emergency rooms and intensive care units.’ Americans. And as they lie, they’re ventilated, dying, reaping the rewards of their own sin, these miscreants ‘leave no room for someone with a heart attack or in need of a cancer operation.'”