Tucker Carlson blasts Texas Democrats over ‘freedom fighter’ theatrics in D.C.

In the wake of news that a group of Democrat lawmakers from Texas abandoned their responsibilities and fled to D.C. to thwart the passage of enhanced election integrity measures, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took to the airwaves to point out just how outrageous and hypocritical their stunt truly is.

As NBC News reported, in an act of protest designed to stop Republican lawmakers in the Texas legislature from enacting new election security laws by denying them the necessary quorum, a sizable group of Democrat state representatives fled the jurisdiction and made their way to Washington, D.C. via private jet.

The Democrats are purportedly taking a stand against the sort of heightened voter safeguards being proposed in states across the country that President Joe Biden himself has hyperbolically deemed the “most significant threat” to the nation’s democratic system since the Civil War.

In keeping with that over-inflated rhetoric, the band of Texas Democrats set about chronicling their journey north in the most cringeworthy, self-aggrandizing terms possible, tweeting photos of the group taking a bus ride en route to their private airfield, with a case of Miller Lite in the background.

Carlson characterized the scene with a humorous, yet stinging rebuke, saying, “It was an intense moment on that bus. Picture Che Guevara sailing into Havana Harbor on the Grandma to bring the revolution to its climax” and citing Texas Dem. Rep. James Talarico’s harrowing account of having “left behind our families, our livelihoods, & our beloved Texas.”

Putting the Democrats’ narcissistic proclamations of their own noble crusade in proper context, Carlson reminded viewers of the substance of the legislative measures the group so vehemently opposes, saying, “The measures Texas voters would like to see become law include a bill that would require some form of identification – a driver’s license number, a social security card, something valid and real – for voters who submit mail-in ballots.”

“Another bill would require the Texas Secretary of State to review voter rolls for non-citizens and remove people who are not allowed to vote. Nothing in the bill is radical or without extensive precedent. If you oppose voter fraud, it’s all pretty obvious and non-controversial at all,” Carlson said, adding, “but Texas Democrats don’t oppose voter fraud.”

Indeed, as Carlson opined, “preventing lawmakers from making laws – shutting down the vote – wouldn’t seem like a defense of democracy. In fact, it would appear to be just the opposite. …Even diabolical old Vladimir Putin never attempted to do that.”

Concluding his damning account of the legislators’ misadventures, Carlson sarcastically – yet poignantly – observed, “Effectively these freedom fighters, the modern Che Guevaras, these crossers of the Edmund Pettus Bridge/Chipotle, have shut down Texas’ democratically-elected government. That’s how you know they’re defending democracy. That and the private planes.”