Tucker Carlson attacked by military figures

Always a favorite target of the woke left, Fox News primetime personality Tucker Carlson has survived numerous boycott efforts over the years designed to force his program off the air, but the latest attack lobbed his way comes from a rather shocking source.

In the wake of a new controversy over comments Carlson made regarding official initiatives aimed at making military service more attractive to women, Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant Scott H. Stalker – Command Senior Enlisted Leader of the U.S. Space Command — took to Twitter last week to publicly attack the host for his stance on the matter, as Newsweek reported.

The kerfuffle commenced after Carlson’s Tuesday program included a segment in which the host highlighted efforts by the Chinese government to boost “traditional masculinity” among the country’s young males and contrasted them with initiatives announced by the Biden administration meant to increase the comfort level of women serving in the armed forces, opining:

Pregnant women are going to fight our wars. It’s a mockery of the U.S. military.

While China’s military becomes more masculine…our military needs to become, as Joe Biden says, more feminine.

Initial reaction to Carlson’s take from the Pentagon was quick in coming, with Department of Defense (DOD) spokesperson John Kirby issuing a rebuttal in which he declared that military leaders were not likely to “take personnel advice from a talk show host,” comments that were publicized in an official press release from the Pentagon.

In response, Carlson decried Kirby’s remarks as “a large and coordinated public relations offensive” against his program and argued that the “Department of Defense has never been more aggressively or openly political,” according to the New York Post. He further likened the DOD press release to an attack against “a hostile foreign power.”

Then came MGySgt Stalker, who posted a video lambasting Carlson as someone offering opinions “based off of, actually, zero days of service in the armed forces,” and that his commentary was “all about drama tv.” Watch:

Republican Pennsylvania congressional candidate Sean Parnell was among those aghast by Stalker’s decision to enter the fray, asserting that “a senior military leader attacking an American journalist while in uniform from an official command account demonstrates a serious lack of judgment,” adding:

In fact, it sets a dangerous precedent & it undermines public confidence in a once apolitical institution.

As commentator Jim Treacher wrote on Saturday, “if Tucker wanted to prove that today’s armed forces need a priority check, he couldn’t have written a better script than this,” a sentiment with which it is certainly difficult to disagree.