Tucker Carlson attacked by military figures

Always a favorite target of the woke left, Fox News primetime personality Tucker Carlson has survived numerous boycott efforts over the years designed to force his program off the air, but the latest attack lobbed his way comes from a rather shocking source.

In the wake of a new controversy over comments Carlson made regarding official initiatives aimed at making military service more attractive to women, Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant Scott H. Stalker – Command Senior Enlisted Leader of the U.S. Space Command — took to Twitter last week to publicly attack the host for his stance on the matter, as Newsweek reported.

The kerfuffle commenced after Carlson’s Tuesday program included a segment in which the host highlighted efforts by the Chinese government to boost “traditional masculinity” among the country’s young males and contrasted them with initiatives announced by the Biden administration meant to increase the comfort level of women serving in the armed forces, opining:

Pregnant women are going to fight our wars. It’s a mockery of the U.S. military.

While China’s military becomes more masculine…our military needs to become, as Joe Biden says, more feminine.

Initial reaction to Carlson’s take from the Pentagon was quick in coming, with Department of Defense (DOD) spokesperson John Kirby issuing a rebuttal in which he declared that military leaders were not likely to “take personnel advice from a talk show host,” comments that were publicized in an official press release from the Pentagon.

In response, Carlson decried Kirby’s remarks as “a large and coordinated public relations offensive” against his program and argued that the “Department of Defense has never been more aggressively or openly political,” according to the New York Post. He further likened the DOD press release to an attack against “a hostile foreign power.”

Then came MGySgt Stalker, who posted a video lambasting Carlson as someone offering opinions “based off of, actually, zero days of service in the armed forces,” and that his commentary was “all about drama tv.” Watch:

Republican Pennsylvania congressional candidate Sean Parnell was among those aghast by Stalker’s decision to enter the fray, asserting that “a senior military leader attacking an American journalist while in uniform from an official command account demonstrates a serious lack of judgment,” adding:

In fact, it sets a dangerous precedent & it undermines public confidence in a once apolitical institution.

As commentator Jim Treacher wrote on Saturday, “if Tucker wanted to prove that today’s armed forces need a priority check, he couldn’t have written a better script than this,” a sentiment with which it is certainly difficult to disagree.

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  1. As far as I am concerned, Tucker Carlson is one of the VERY best leaders that we have in America ! ! ! I wish that we more like him who would honestly say things as they are, always taking the high road. Truly don‘t feel that it is a good idea for women to serve in the armed forces. Think that they would be a distraction for the men . . . Just my opinion . . .

  2. I recently read that Biden’s new head of the Pentagon, does Not want Christian Conservatives, but he has No problem with people being members of BLM or ANTIFA!
    For some reason, this man wants to destroy our military, which will destroy America!
    Biden just keeps dragging this country down, and down with the sorriest of the sorry, he keeps appointing to key positions!
    Maybe he, and the low life Demon-Rats will be happy when this country hits rock bottom, and there’s no place left to go!
    We know China will be very happy, they already consider this country, and its elected politicians stupid, and weak!

  3. when the military is destroyed, the only thing left to use will be the nukes, if so cut em all loose.

  4. This is a person who enlisted,and only served served in our Armed Forces 1953 to 1956, admired all troops; however there is NO SPACE in an Armed Forces, for ANY women that becomes pregnant. This is the most stupid idea any real armed personnel could make with a straight face. This Marine is, in my opinion, is just sucking up to this illegal person, his commander in chief. What next must we put up with, our entire country is going to hell in a basket rapidly. Incidentally I admire the Marine Corps. Had some good friends that survived battles against the Japanese.

  5. Just make all uniforms for transgenders military is not what they should be if they were they would get the communist president out of of Trumps office after election stolen by election fraud they take an oath to the constitution.The Supreme Court has refused to do there job they gave in to the communist party.Time to take back America

    1. When I was much younger I had a neighbor named Raymond Wyatt who went to the Navel Academy, Annapolis He was 8 years older than me and would be near 90 years old now.

  6. I am one of the millions of people who agree with Tucker Carlson. He’s honest truthful man who tells it like it is. There are people only watching CNN, MSNBC, CBS, nothing but liberal Democrat channels they are not being told what is really happening with our country. If they tuned in to other channels and compare they will have a better idea as to what is going on. What are these people afraid of. Do they like being brainwashed.

  7. What dumb woman would endanger an unborn child? Oh I get it women in the army and one who gets an abortion. I say put them all on the front lines. THe world is full of crazies.

  8. Tucker is right ! In all of the wars this country has had the men did most of the fighting. The men in this country really needs to be completely ready for any kind of war this country may have in the future. I should know because I am my self a combat veteran of Vietnam. If you really stop and think the wars in this world have been fought by men for many centuries. So the men in our country need to be very strong and smart and ready to fight to the death for our country. The women need to support the men in any war that this country has.

  9. Tucker is a welcome thorn in the side of Biden. The Dept of Defense and the Pentagon is controlled by Biden appointees that just
    repeat what they are told to say.If anyone thinks China not eating our lunch why the Chinse have the largest Navy in the World.
    wake up America we are being sold out by the progressive democrats who hate America and love B.L.M
    we need more journalists like Tucker.
    An old white man that is not a RACIST’S

    1. getting a lot of liberal in all branches of military service——time will tell if it is a good idea———Semper Fi

    2. 70 plus years ago women were home were they should be,,,and you heard of marriages 30-40-50 years,today divorce rate is around 50%,
      Women got in work force and seen all them good looking hunks,and walla another divorced and the kids are all mest up,and women bits about
      the trans guys in sport,but they want open doors to get in military,isn’t that what we call hypocrites,the world is turning upside down,send guys and women to war in the field for weeks on end women on the rag,,men whit a huge h;;;;;;;on,,,yep that wil work,,,NOT,, but it comes from a sniffer
      And that’s sick

  10. I am for Tucker Carlson, he is right. There is a place for women in the military, but not in combat roles. If they are captured by the enemy, please don’t complain about the way you will be treated. When I was in the military 1958-1965 we had the WACS. Womderful skilled and highly professional in their work environment, but I didn’t see any women in the locations I was sent to with the ASA (Army Security Agency)

  11. Retired from Military, some women are GOOD at what they do (not all, just like they guys). Would never try to place a PG women in DANGER for herself OR a child.

  12. Biden wants “pregnant women to have appropriate gear so they can jump into combat zones” is what Tucker was referring to.

    How do we find out if those babies want to go along on that jump with Mom?

    If “We the People” are forced to defend our homes, families, neighbors, our state, & our country for our FREEDON then it is EVERYONE’s FIGHT! Even then it’s simply wrong to place babies & their Mothers who care for them in more danger than absolutely necessary.

    When my Great Grandmother came West from Missouri to Texas she was pregnant but carried a gun and a whip to help her husband care for ALL their children including the one she carried in her womb all the way to Texas. Great Grandpa would have probably been whipped if he hadn’t done everything necessary to keep her & her boys safe!

  13. I do not think pregnant women should serve on the front lines. There are plenty of jobs in the military for women. What does this say to our enemies? It says we are weak . This is very sad

  14. The radical left had better be V E R Y careful! We still have freedom of speech, whether they like what we say or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. These military folks are just puppets ,they do what some unelected turkey tells them to do. Not smart enough to think on their own. They are just like our unelected joke in the WHITE HOUSE who is destroying our nation.

  16. This doesn’t shock me at all. I was stationed with the marines for a year and a half. Stalker would be one of the bright bulbs.

  17. I am in Tucker’s corner !! Military is NO PLACE for women except in clerical, medical positions…

    Women are trying to take over the world and it is definitely wrong! I believe in Men being Men and
    women being women… NO LGBTU nonsense!

    1. That’s my opinion but what about Israel’s army? I wish all Americans had to serve their country at least once, go through the training so we as a nation will be stronger than other what we have now . Not people in the military but those who won’t serve!

      1. The Gov’t should re-install the draft, and make it mandatory for all men and women to serve a minimum of 3 years. The American Military should follow the Israel style where everyone has to serve. The Pentagon getting their nose into Tucker Carlson had no business doing that. The Civilian employees and military personnel have to follow the Hach Act, which does not allow political opinions. Everyone of the Petagon Military should face an Article 15 and forced out of the military. The Pentagon broke the law. It appears the Swamp goes deeper than we all thought!

      2. While every Israeli citizen is required to serve in the Israeli military, Israel stopped using women in combat years ago, at least for those troops such as the army and marines which are land based.

        1. I agree completely. Even the most handicapped could could do clerical work as well or better than most, simply because many are educated bater than the average collage students. I’ve personally dealt with 5 or 6 that were at the University of Illinois. Some of them were getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

      3. Steven ,I agree with you ,maybe ,just maybe if some of these young hoodlums had to serve in our military ,they would appreciate this country more ,i personally am sick and tired of these communist college punks who think they are the smartest people in the room ,who have been taught by some coward professor about an ideology that they know absolutely NOTHING about because they have been pampered by their rich parents their entire life ,stick them on the front lines ,90% of these people would NEVER MAKE IT THROUGH BOOTCAMP ! THIS MGSgt is entitled to his own opinion but should not have done it while in uniform , and I still take Tuckers side , L/cpl P.F. Murphy USMC 79-82

      4. I spent some rime in S. Korea, where they mandate 2 years service, and yes, you could see the difference it made. Perhaps we should do the same here.

    2. Women should not be placed in combat roles in the military . Tucker is correct . I am a veteran with 8 years in the navy. Biden’s military transgender policy is a disaster.

  18. Sgt. Stalker is a perfect example of the old joke, ‘How much does it cost for a marine to get a haircut? Four bucks- one for each side.’ Isn’t he smart enough to know that Carlson was being sarcastic? If this guy is in charge of anything, God help us!

    1. Even a Marine of your rank, who in combat, obviously saw many wounded marines during battle, others in body bags, now you support pregnant women in your command, only one suggestion “RETIRE IMMEDIATELY”. Cannot see any one under your command respecting you as their leader, when such words come out of a Marine officer’s mouth. And above all else, to get on TV to express what you did to an individual that loves our country, and then to have the audacity to insult that person, because he was not in any of our armed forces. Only a person of such military mentality would make a statement regarding this person.

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