Trump turns the tables on impeachment Democrats

According to the Democrat impeachment managers, President Trump is guilty of inciting the Capitol attacks because he said the phrase “fight like hell” in a speech. Turns out, they have too.

The Trump war room turned the tables on Democrats, including impeachment manager Jamie Raskin, who has said the exact same thing. 

Fox reports:

The Trump campaign account pointed to a “FLASHBACK” of Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., the leading impeachment manager, who said during a 2019 interview with The Atlantic he’d “fight like hell” for the Constitution on the subject of the conservative-controlled Supreme Court and judiciary.

A tweet made by Raskin from September 2020 urges his Twitter followers to “fight like hell” amid the Supreme Court battle following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

And the list goes on. Who the hell picked this Raskin guy? Is Nancy Pelosi really that incompetent?

In 2017, Raskin similarly said, “We’ve to wake up every day and fight like hell for liberal democracy, not just in Maryland, not just in the United States, but all over the world…”

During the Russia invesigation, Raskin also tweeted, “This is our Democracy–fight for it.”

And Raskin is the only one being called out for his hypocrisy. Democrat Joe Neguse also used martial terminology, saying he was “Humbled to have the support of [Kamala Harris] as we fight to take back Congress…” Eric Swallwell and Ted Lieu have also used similar words.

The thing is, marital rhetoric like “fight” is used all the time in politics. It’s not incitement, and if it was, most Democratic politicians would be in jail.

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  1. Put all these two faced inciters of racism, wasting our tax payer money, lying, cheating, committing treason, selling America out to China, all colors supremacist, criminals in jail, everyone of them have said enough & committed enough crimes to convict each & every on of them. I say they go to jail now!

      1. Hypocrites they are, but the reason they are afraid of Trump is that they are criminals as well, and that is why they are pushing this impeachment nonsense.

  2. In the Marxist States of America, since January 29, 2021, words don’t mean what is generally understood them to mean, or even what I choose them to mean (Alice in Wonderland), but only what Big Brother says they mean. In the kangaroo court now in process, the tyrants in charge will only accept how they interpret the cherry-picked words and actions screened in their Trump hatred syndrome to “Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!” (Waters). We must take back America, or all is lost for a gait and peaceful country and world. Our children and grandchildren can’t suffer this vile legacy of the loss of that shining place on a hill.

  3. Well I think the Democrats were using the words “Fight like Hell” were used to violence. Look at all the destruction and riots that was done last year that the Democrats said were peaceful “Summer of Love”. They never called the “Black Lives Matters” or “ANTIFA” out for that. When Biden was asked about them, he said that they weren’t real. HE IS WRONG FOR THE U.S.

  4. Don’t blame me I voted for America’s President Trump. Those who voted for CHINA joe should have done some research and listened to his own words where he committed extortion. So many ignorant voters that we need a test to see if someone is competent to vote. CHINA joe, osabama, g. soros, antifa, blm and the demoncRATs want to destory America. In 3 months if not sooner 50% of those who voted for CHINA joe will wake up and be sorry.

  5. NANCY PELOSI is America’s greatest threat. She continues to undermine our country. If it’s not insanity…what is it that is driving her destruction of America?

  6. I believe this witch hunt impeachment was just that. Once again the lying cheating hate filled Dumocrats and 7 stupid RINO republicans have shown their stupidity. They are losers and need to be thrown out. The USA will never get anything accomplished as long as these idiots are in charge

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