Trump traitor Brian Kemp is getting obliterated in Georgia polls

Georgia Republican governor Brian Kemp rode President Trump’s coattails to a 2018 victory over radical liberal Stacy Abrams.

So what did he do in return? He gave in to the radical left on election day and afterward, failing to mandate signature verification in Georgia counties.

Needless to say, Kemp isn’t popular with the President, and that translates to a growing lack of popularity among voters. That’s exactly what a shocking new poll shows, with Kemp trailing possible Republican challenger Doug Collins by over 20%. 

Check out the poll:

As one Twitter user put it: “A cardboard cutout could beat [Kemp] in the 2022 primary. His political career is over.”

This should be a lesson to weak-kneed Republicans everywhere.

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  1. kemp is not “weak-kneed”. he and rafsberger are co-conspirators. they had to know the potential for electoral fraud and if anything encouraged it. they are swamp creatures and if they want a political future of any sort, it is time they changed to the demoncrat party. if is their natural home.



    2. They need to just stay home and never say another word to the media & certainly never run for another office.

    3. Well said, you are so right!!! If the election in Ga. was so honest and on the up & up why are they all fighting so hard to keep an investigation from taking place? Because they all know what will be found.

  2. Doug Collins is a Great Guy and I hope he wipes the floor with Kemp !! Kemp is an Anti American Creep just like Romney , Graham , McConnell,
    Cotton and others !! We Need Real Conservatives to replace these bums !!

  3. political office is not a high school prom popularity contest.
    It is to serve the American people.
    If you have no principles, and no backbone, then do NOT
    run for office!

  4. If politicians don’t work FOR THE PEOPLE recall them or vote.them.out. everyone get one term to prove themselves. If they don’t – goodbye.


  5. Agree with all above posts! When one runs for office, one is expected to do what is right for the people they represent! If they are not willing to do that, they should not run. And, one cannot cave in to the pressure exerted upon them by ones who want to ruin our country, cheat in our elections, and create chaos. To be a Governor, Secretary of State, or any other office, one is supposed to do the will of ALL the people, not just the so called elites! WE pay their salaries, WE employ them, they do not employ us! They should work for the best interests of ALL concerned in their state. If they refuse to do that, they should not be in office!

  6. I have been advocating for term limits for a couple of years for the House and Senate! Why do we have it on the Presidency and not on our legislative body? They get elected and think they should serve for years! Only problem, they get comfortable and work for themselves not the American people! They all know this is one job they can become multi-millionaires! Every state should have this requirement on the ballot for us to vote on!

  7. We all should be worrying that they put Nancy back as a speaker!!! and what going to happen if you people in GA give the Senate to the Demo!!! you will have killed all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The Democrats have been rigging elections for years that is how they got a majority in the house and have been keeping it. That is why they want Trump out, they know that he knows. They have been dealing with communist governments for decades, and do not care about the people of this country, only themselves, so we they people are going to have to take control back from the government. The purpose of the lock downs is to keep the people from organizing any armed resistance, that is why we need to prepare before they can take our guns. We will need to take action before they do. This congress does not represent the people, the house and rhinos in the senate have been working with communist governments to take control of the country. We must stop the lock downs get back to work, and put in a new government, by the people, for the people. Amend the constitution with term limits, no immunity for lawmakers, eliminate lobbies having direct access to lawmakers, no gifts, no gratuities ( bribes ) for any government employee or official ( elected or appointed ).

    1. Gary you are so right but, how do we do this since elections are rigged. There should be term limits and if not born as a U.S. Citizen you cannot serve in the political arena.

  9. The main part of the Supreme Court’s job is OVERSIGHT, and if someone or some state is violating the constitution, then the court should step in, whether there is a complaint or brief filed in a lower court or the high court directly. If the court is not doing this, then the court is not doing the due diligence it is suppose to do, to protect the constitution. And if the court is not going to do its job, then it is up to we the people to do the job, and if we have to do the job then we just as well fire the court, we are the only ones that can. It makes no difference if a judge is conservative or liberal if the judge does not follow the constitution. The constitution was not put there to protect the administration, the legislature, or the court, it was put there to protect we the people, from the government period, by putting in guide lines for the government to follow. When the government does not want to follow, then we the people have the right and the power to change or remove the government. I think that the court gets so tongue tied with the literal meaning of the law that it forgets what the most important part of its job is. OVERSIGHT.

    Since officials in a number of states have taken it upon themselves to make laws with out the legislative bodies in those states, that the constitution gives the legislative bodies the power to do. They are ignoring the constitution, and need to be reigned in. It is past time for the SCROTUS to do its due diligence, and step in, if the SCROTUS does not wish to do so, then we the people will have to do the job of the court, and we will not need the court.
    Liberals think that they can change the laws just by wishing it, and that is wrong. That is the way kings, queens, tyrants, and dictators rule. and that is why our forefathers wrote the constitution, to keep the corrupt from getting in power in government. That is why we have come to the point of needing to set term limits and to remove immunity that protects those that would try to abuse their position by creating greater transparency in the government.

    Just like they did with the Hunter Biden scandal, the fake news and the media, are covering up what states are doing to hide the evidence. It is not only in the so-called battle ground states. The governors and judges, and election officials in these states, are violating the law and the constitution of the United States, by making laws illegally, and suppressing the evidence, by refusing to allow ballots, and machines to be investigated. As much as I hate to say this the Supreme Court is condoning this behavior, by not enforcing the constitution. This is their job, to protect the constitution by enforcing it. The Supreme Courts job of oversight does not end because a case is not filed in a lower court. There is nothing in the constitution that says the Supreme Court it’s self cannot call on the DOJ or Superior Court to take action on such matters, and for it not to do so is negligence. As I have said before and will repeat.
    Liberals think that they can change the laws just by wishing it, and that is wrong. That is the way kings, queens, tyrants, and dictators rule.

    The constitution was not put there to protect the administration, the legislature, or the court, it was put there to protect we the people, from the government, by putting in guide lines for the government to follow.

    U.S. Code Section 242 of Title 18, Deprivation of rights under color of law, makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties.

    Some states have gotten the idea that they can just change laws because they want to. However that is not the case, when a state becomes a state they sign on to the constitution and the bill of rights, and all of the laws contained with in the constitution. These are the over riding laws of the land, and apply to all states, and can not be just dismissed out of hand by any state governor, state legislature, or any state official, or local officials. It does not work that way. The constitution and the bill of rights can not be changed by any government body be it federal state or local. Changes to the constitution and the bill of rights can only be made by we the people. Not with E.O. or legislation by any governing body, or any whim of someone on the supreme court. This is to keep government from usurping the power of the people.

    The supreme Court is “appointed” to oversee the implementation of the constitution, and the protection of the constitution, by enforcing the constitution.
    Lately it would seem that the Supreme Court is neglecting its role of oversight, and enforcement. Which means it is not protecting the constitution.

  10. I hear that the regular dems want to start a new party. With out the radical leftists. They want a democratic party that they recognize. They don’t like all of this social BS that the communists are trying to shove down their throat. They think that the communists should have started their own party instead of trying to hi-jack theirs. They think people like AOC and the squids are not democrats they are commies that have use the democrat party to conceal what their real agenda is, and get democrats to support them before they know what they are. Now the democrats must reorganize a new party, and leave the radicals to rot on the vine.

    I heard that Omar was leaving the Squid Squad AOC’s ( SS ) because AOC got a new girl friend, doesn’t want Omar any more. Omar is so full of hate for AOC’s new love, she is calling for a GHAD against AOC and her new love.

  11. I completely agree that he should be primaried, as well as the secretary of state. I also believe there should be term limits, but the American people don’t have the ability to demand that .Sadly the only ones who can decide that are the people who are there. I definitely believe voter id should be mandatory, with a signature and mail in voting should go back to the rules. If you want to vote by mail, you should have to request it. Absentee ballots must also be requested for VALID reasons. Never again, ballots mailed to everyone, EVER.

  12. We keep telling these turn coat Republicans they won’t be voted in their next election if they do not stand up for Trump NOW! I agree with Gary, We Don’t need more government, WE THE PEOPLE need to control the government we have!!

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