Trump torches former Speaker Paul Ryan: ‘Despised for being a pathetic loser’

Former congressman and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan isn’t exactly a popular figure within conservative circles these days, and former President Donald Trump just reminded us why.

Trump absolutely tore into the former speaker on his platform, Truth Social, calling Ryan a “pathetic loser” while calling for his removal from Fox News, where he currently has a board seat. 

“Did anyone notice that Fox News went lame (bad!) when weak RINO Paul Ryan, who is despised in the Great State of Wisconsin for being ‘a pathetic loser,’ went on the Fox Board: he said before saying that Fox News will not talk about the 2020 election anymore.”

Trump added: “That’s why our Country is going to HELL – Elections have consequences. Get Ryan off your Board and report the News as it should be reported…And stop taking negative ads from the perverts, and others!!!”

The dust-up came in the wake of Ryan making a number of comments about Trump, Jan. 6, and the impeachment trial that followed — comments that Trump clearly didn’t take kindly to.

Ryan also acted surprised that President Joe Biden wasn’t the “centrist” that he had promised Americans.

“I think people thought they were going to get a centrist in office, you know, a common ground guy. That’s not what he was. He gave the keys to the left, the progressives. They steered the country far-left. They tried to go so far left on so many issues, and they didn’t have the majorities to do that. That’s what always confounded me — is they acted as they had these massive majorities with these leftwing ideas,” Ryan said.

Ryan was never extremely popular with the base, and with the rise of MAGA politics under Trump, establishment types like Ryan are ancient artifacts, and have virtually zero influence on today’s GOP politics.