Trump to give another 100 pardons and commutations before leaving office

If you know anything about Donald J. Trump, you know that he won’t be leaving office quietly.

In bombshell news, The Hill reports that Trump plans to issue over a hundred pardons and commutations on his final day in office, including pardons for political allies.

The Hill reports:

“…new batch of clemency actions will include white-collar criminals, high-profile rappers and others. It will likely include some pardons aimed at advocating for criminal justice reform, as well as controversial pardons for political allies.

Trump met Sunday with his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, daughter Ivanka Trump and other aides to review a long list of pardon requests, The Washington Post reported.”

According to the original report by CNN (which we must note is a very suspect source) “The list of potential pardons, however, does not currently include Trump himself.” Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen.

The debate over whether Trump should pardon himself is a hot one, even among allies of the president. Those opposed, believe that Trump has done nothing wrong and a pardon would be an admission of guilt, at least from a PR perspective. Those in favor argue that the Deep State will likely seek to punish Trump regardless of wrongdoing.

What do you think? Should Trump pardon himself while he still has the chance? Or should he stand confident in his innocence? Comment below – in my opinion there is no wrong answer.

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    1. Your so right William! True Patriots would have no problem with him pardening himself. It does not show any guilt he has shown Americans where and how he stood. Its protection from the lefts made up accusations is all it would be for. Protection from lies.

    2. Trump’s Way to protect himself Fro the Crazed DemonRatPack, If they can Impeach him for a phone call, You newer Know what they can come up with. So I’ suggest that Trump Pardon Himself and his Family that is very hated by the DemonRats. Just to be on the safe side.

  1. You’re letting actual criminals out of prison rampage the streets and most of the pardons will be for non-violent crimes SO WHAT THE PROBLEM lefties?
    I hope the list is several pages long, like the rap sheets of most of the left’s releases.

      1. NoBummer Pardon all of the DemonRats, The Clintons, Himself and Manchelle,The Top echelons in the FBI, the CIA, and the Justice department. plus at least 1000. inmates. Reason it was almost impossible to drain the Swamp, But now they has all committed new crimes, High Treason, Re: this Election since they worked with So many Countries, including our biggest enemy, China. They all went straight in the Trump Trap.!!

        1. Amen, pardon thousands including your whole family! Although I don’t believe any of your family is corrupt you cannot trust demoncraps! Do it!

  2. For what you did nothing wrong. I still support my President Trump. God bless you and your family we will miss you and the first lady

  3. Frankly, I’m not sure. I do know one thing they will not stop persecuting, or prosecuting, Pres. Donald Trump. He has done nothing wrong. Yet they’re relentless and truly Evil. God Bless Pres. Trump and his family.

    1. I think he should pardon himself because they will continue to go after him. I realize that the optics are wrong and the left will badger him for doing it, but at least they can’t throw him in jail.

    2. Agree
      I think Trump should pardon himself although he has done nothing wrong because the Deep State will never stop persecuting the best President in history.


  5. President Trump has done so much good. Only to have it reversed by a man not capable of running a God fearing country. I cry that we are losing ouruch loved Trump. Literally makes me very sick and upset, no kidding. I hate the terrible things happening in our country. All the time and money was a waste since mental Biden is ruining it all. GOD BLESS AMERICA, THE TRUMP FAMILY. AND HIS SUPPORTERS. WE LOVE YOUR FAMILY!!

  6. I think he should pardon himself. The only thing he did wrong was beat Hillary Clinton for President.. We all know that was a big no no because he wasn’t one of the swamp. God Bless President Trump. And a pox on Joe Biden. Just think payback will be hell.


  8. In order to protect himself, he should. What worse can be said about him than what has already been said. And who cares what the leftist loons have to say? If the situation were reversed, Biden would absolutely pardon himself and his crack- head son, and the rest of his crime family.

  9. I think he should pardon himself. The only thing he did wrong was to run for office and will! Then he has proceded to clean the SWAMP! We all know that was a big no no because he wasn’t one of the swamp. God Bless President Trump. And a pox on Joe Biden. Just think payback will be hell.


  10. Mine too… we are under siege! Only God can help us!
    Thank you President Trump serving the American people, whom you put first in every thing you did.Hold your head high, you did exactly what you promised & you would notvbe brought. You set next to President Lincoln & Reagan. Your love for America & her people will not be forgotten. God Bless you & keep!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🙌🙌

  11. I think Trump should pardon himself as a precautionary measure. Pelosi, the squids of 4. Schumer, Shifft, Nadler among the other corruot no do gooders will still come after him.
    I sure he had exposed N. Pelosis content of her laptop. Also, ALL the other Democrats.
    Trump will Triumph….

  12. Yes he should because if he doesn’t he will end up in a prison somewhere that no one except the left knows about never to be seen or heard from again. And if he does it won’t keep him from running again and that is what the left is trying to stop him from doing. God Bless You and yours President Trump.

  13. I think TRUMP should pardon himself. He has done nothing wrong BUT the DEEP STATE will twist and turn everything around. He doesn’t deserve it. He’s been the greatest president in the last 50 years. Done so much for the USA – MAGA. So don’t allow the Elists and the DemoRATS to touch at all. See you in 2024!!!

  14. The only crime being committed is the one against our country is the one by all the Communist leftist in our govt. Tomorrow I will be putting black bunting on my flag and intend to leave it on my flag until our country is taken back from their hands.

  15. I think the President should pardon himself, even though they have found NO wrongdoing. He will be damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t by the Democrats, who will stop at nothing to try and erase anything about this amazing President. I wonder how many months they will again not do their job and still put all their efforts and hatred into destroying the legacy and accomplishments of a truly great American and a President that worked For the People. So, many accomplishments in 4 years and, done so while continuously being wrongly and intentionally persecuted every step of the Communistic Democrats who are trying to control our speech, thoughts, values and pocketbooks. God Bless You President Trump and your entire family for all you have done. Pardon Yourself so that you may once again be involved in helping us in the future should we need you,

  16. He has every right to pardon himself but he will not; he is a man of impeccable character and regardless what he does they will project evil slander upon him. I believe these reprobate would murder Our Saviour again IF HE Came again in flesh. Jesus lives for ever and will one day be the righteous judge of all liars! God bless our beloved TRUMP & family!

  17. Well I would say this Trump does not want to do a SELF PARDON ! Doing so would be an admission of GUILT ! This would be icing on the cake for PELOSI,SCHUMER, SCHIFF etc. I say do not give the DEMOCRATS etal. A DAMN THING stand strong and remain innocent the DEMOCRAT SCUM HAVE NOTHING PROVE THAT THE ONES THAT ENTERED THE CAPITOL WERE TRUMP SUPPORTER( IMPOSTER ANTIFA AND BLM MEMBERS BUSSED IN AND PAID TP RIOT AND FORCE ENTRY INTO THE CAPITOL) !

    1. You got that right Thomas…! With Our Lord leading the way, Trump will finish what has been started. Damned are those who stand in the way of true Law and Order. God’s law and wisdom will prevail !
      It will be a rough time, but exciting, glorious, enlightening, and bitter- sweet. I don’t wish harm on our fellow Americans, but those who stand against the righteousness of God Almighty and the Patriot family are not going to get in the way of re-estabishing Our Consitutional Republic, Morals, Honor, Dignity, Loyalty and Prestige that have been trampled for so long. God bless America. God bless Trump. God bless the Patriots here in these United States and abroad.

  18. With the hateful. conniving Demmunists looking for “payback” from ANYBODY who had the GALL to elect somebody they did not own or control–and ESPECIALLY the one we had the GALL to elect, I’d say pardons are called for all around–ESPECIALLY for Pres. Trump, to insulate himself from the INSANE hatred of the INSANE Demmunists! Their RABID hatred and determination to PUNISH anybody who opposed their COMMUNIST plans for America makes them DANGEROUS, and Pres. Trump should do whatever he can to protect himself and those close to him from their INSANITY and obsession with “making him pay.”

  19. Absolutely pardon yourself. These are so criminal it is beyond belief. Your authority covers it, all the crap they come up with are lies and vicious ones at that; so there is no question you should pardon yourself as protection from psychotics.

  20. Blanket Pardons or Amnesty should be issued to family and all officials who ran agencies and Departments that made Democrats unhappy. Democrats are going to want to hang someone. make sure it isn’t you are one of those who worked hard for you. Above all a blanket Pardon for all those prosecuted or attempted to be prosecuted by Mueller.

  21. As long as he writes next to his name that he is not admitting guilt to anything…but in case anyone does question anything, as President, he pardons himself for nothing other than loving and serving America to the best of his ability……nothing more than that. And if that is a crime…I pardon myself from this. (He is the best President we have had in many years, but the demonic crazy Dems will try to dig up something to hurt his legacy.)

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