Trump scores huge New York legal victory over famous Bronx golf course

As Democrats and their allies in the liberal corporate media continue to attack former President Donald Trump ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, it’s always nice to see the 45th president score a victory.

According to the New York Post, Trump’s latest win involves the Ferry Point Golf Course, located in the Bronx area of New York, which until early 2021, was run by the Trump Organization. After the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, woke progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio canceled the Trump Organization’s contract to run the course.

However, on Friday, New York State Supreme Court Justice Debra James changed the game, ruling in favor of Trump and his organization, countering de Blasio’s original argument that Trump wouldn’t have been able to draw major tournaments at the course by saying that there was nothing in the contract that required tournaments to be held there.

Not only will Trump be able to continue running the famous golf course, but if he decides to opt-out, New York City will now have to pay him a handsome fee to break the contract.

Making matters worse for New York City administrators, under newly-elected Mayor Eric Adams (D), the company that de Blasio reassigned the Ferry Point contract to, Bobby Jones Links, will also have to be paid out for canceling the contract as a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Eric Trump celebrated the judge’s decision, saying, “The judge didn’t buy their nonsense and this is a well-reasoned and appropriate decision and we look forward to running the best golf course for years to come.”

“De Blasio did this for his own political theater,” Eric Trump added. “He wasted tremendous amounts of time and city resources on his own vendetta. He is a disgrace to New York and everyone is glad he is gone.”

These days, it seems as if more often than not, Trump prevails over the Democrats’ exhaustive and feckless attempts to hamstring him.