Trump says he has no interest in being Speaker of the House

A spokesperson for former President Donald Trump said that the former president has no desire to be the speaker of the House of Representatives, according to The Washington Examiner.

Stores began to circulate last week that the former president could end up third in line for the Oval Office if Republicans regained control of the House and voted him in as the speaker.

While Speaker of the House is traditionally held by an elected official, does not necessarily have to be, and a majority of Republicans could reasonably put Trump back in power in the lower house of Congress.

However, Jason Miller, Trump’s spokesperson said the former Commander-in-Chief “has zero desire to be speaker,” despite previously calling the proposition “so interesting.”

“Why not, instead of waiting for 2024, and I’m hoping you’ll run in 2024, but why not run in 2022 for the United States Congress?” Conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root asked Trump in a June 4 interview.

“A House seat in Florida. Win big. Lead us to a dramatic landslide victory taking the House by 50 seats, and then you become the speaker of the House, lead the impeachment of Biden, and start criminal investigations against Biden.

“You’ll wipe him out for his last two years, and then, you’ll be president.”

Trump was noncommital when the question was put to him saying, “Yeah, you know, it’s very interesting,” before saying that he had also been encouraged to run for Senate.

“We’ll be making a decision on 2024, but if you look at the numbers, people are liking me more than ever before, and I think the reason is they’re watching what is happening with our country,” Trump said Wednesday on Fox News. “And I guess it is making me very popular.”