Trump rally in Georgia is GOP’s last hope

The numbers are looking shockingly bad in Georgia for GOP senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

Their only hope? That President Trump can fire up the Republican base and avert disaster on election day. 

As Fox reports:

The final early voting numbers released by state officials indicate that more than 3 million people – or nearly two-fifths (39.3%) of all registered voters in Georgia – have already cast a ballot in the election. That’s well more than half of the record-setting 4.9 million total voters in the state who cast a ballot in the general election.

Democrats are optimistic about the chances of challengers Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock defeating Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler based on the early-vote numbers. The figures show Black voters – a crucial base of the Democratic Party – making up a larger percentage of the early-voting electorate than in November’s general election. And they show higher turnout in Democratic congressional districts than in their GOP counterparts.

That’s making Democrats less nervous about a repeat of the usual voter turnout drop among their supporters in past Georgia runoff elections. And it means that Republicans will have to work harder to get out their voters in Tuesday’s elections, contests that are all about getting out the base rather than trying to persuade undecided voters.

So with things looking bad for Republicans, they’re turning to President Trump again for help. Even establishmentarian Karl Rove is pinning his hopes on Trump.

“President Trump’s visit to Dalton for a rally Monday night Jan. 4 should help drive GOP turnout that Tuesday in a big way,” Rove said in his memo, which was first reported by Politico and also obtained by Fox News.

Longtime Georgia-based Republican consultant Chip Lake told Fox News on Monday that “it’s critical that we have a big Election Day turnout. In November, Election Day turnout was about 20% of the total turnout. I think for this election we need it in the 25-30% range.”

“Nobody turns out the base better than the president and our hope is that his trip to Georgia will turn out the base tomorrow that we need to in order to make sure that Kelly and David win these races,” Lake emphasized.

No matter what they say, no one can talk to the Republican base like Trump. Remember that when they try to argue that the GOP would be better off without him.

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      1. So strange that people can not see the connection between All the facets of the DemonratPack, Their backbone is the World Central Banks, They got the IRS and the Feds, their Moneyprinting capability Will give the Left Mafia all they strength they need, Already Missing 100.BILLION Plus. they can Buy anyone they won’t on Their Side, Except Trump, he is not for sale. and Nobodies Puppet and neither are we. He was picked especially to Brake up The Biggest Crooked Mafia Organisation this world has ever seen, And he is on a Biggest Mission in the world to save this the USA, and the rest of this world before the NWO. (New World Order) got their hands on it. They Took the USA from the Americans, Palestine from the Palestinians, Europe from the Europeans, and Now they want to control the World, and You know who they are, the 1%. Elite. the ones that have started all wars for big profits.The Government within our Government. As Long as we Know who the Enemies within are, We can Fight Back, Big Time. Trump, We will back You up 150%. We know that only the Idiots are Backing the DemonRatPack.!! So they got no clue.

      1. Yaacov,
        Yahweh does have a grand PLAN, and most men who study the Bible know that it may not be long…and the great animosity and hatred might trigger off something HUGE! I hope you are ready.

      1. Yes, you are correct! God CAN do anything He wants. But if we study His nature, personality, we can also say that “God is Love.” –1st John 4: 8–17. And after reading that short column of Holy Scriptures, I will bet that you will be very ticked off, because I can see right thru you, sir.

    1. Democrats will rig this election. Any party that rigs votes should be sent home and forget winning an election. We need to stop all this corruption. I don’t know how any one with vote Nancy Pelosi back in the two Democrats runners in Georgia are corrupt. Biden , son and Biden brother should all be in prison not one of them getting elected president so everything would be swept under the rug. Trump won. If the Democrats were dishonest they they should not win anything

      1. Helen,
        Sorry to say that too many Republicans are also super corrupt and some a re guilty of heinous crimes in the Capital and else where, an d backstabbers of our good President Trump. We could have won hands down if so many RINO’s didn’t take Soros’ money and gifts! Most of their collective crimes were uncovered this past year and more will go to prison, IMHO.

    2. God will back us up, But we are he’s tools, He will guide us in the right direction, But it is our Job and Duty to Back up our President 100%. We all Know he stands for this the USA and we the People. He needs the True red-blooded Americans to fight alongside his agenda and fight the evel and the corruption within our Government,

  2. to all of you who have given up and called God a half God I question your faith!!! a true Believer knows very well that God is more powerful than any politician!! He puts kingdoms in power and He has control overall!! and to call Him a half God is showing a lack of faith !!! As long as the Believers in GA have been on their knees in prayer about this vote then the rest is in God’s hands and His will be done.

  3. Im not hearing any one running leading the charge to get to the bottom of fraud allegations in the voting apperates of Georgia. Many are wondering about the validety of voting machines that are used iea dominion. How can you expect honest voters to believe in the integrity of any election process when widespread fraud has been uncovered in Georgia and other swing state. You want votes and voters to turn up again and vote after the fiasco was revealed in the presidential election conducted nov.3, 2020? Doest trust and justice exist in this nation to set matters straight. So called republican and democrats just expect us to ignore the details and vote anyway. How stupid and tolerant do you think we should be??

  4. My understanding is that the Dominion machines can only alter the vote count if they are hooked to the internet. They would then also use a router. With the 8,000 additional poll watchers in Georgia on Jan. 05, they will be watching to make sure these machines are not hooked to the internet at all. I believe that God is more concerned about wide spread legal abortions and lying, cheating, and stealing. Most believers have a conscience and that can be influenced by God. If all Georgians check their conscience, they will know which way to vote.

    1. The trouble is the machines can be set to give fractional votes to one person for each vote for them, Say the republican gets 5/8 of each vote and the other 3/8 is automatically given to the Democrat. No internet needed

  5. This election has made the entire Country look bad. I hope Trump gets in and i hope even more that the people responsible for putting the United States through all this unnecessary pain are brought to justice. Our cities need to return to restfulness and the anarchists need to either cease their behavior or get arrested. They are being played and don’t even know it. God Bless America and God Bless Everyone in it fighting for Justice.

  6. THERE YOU GO….. MSM is trying to tell ‘TRUMPERS’ they are losing in Georgia.. That’s pure BS.. If they have people watching the votes counted, videos there should be a non-fraudulent election ‘Landslide’ for TRUMP.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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