Trump praises ‘brave’ Arizona Republican senators after audit irregularities announcement

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly insisted that something shady took place in several polling locations during the 2020 presidential election, and in his latest statement, he doubled down on those claims.

According to One America News Network, Trump has paid close attention to the audit process in Maricopa County, Arizona. On the heels of an Arizona Senate hearing on Friday, the former president released a statement praising the “brave” Arizona GOP senators who pointed to discoveries in the audit that has some of them calling for the state’s results to be decertified.

In the former president’s statement, he slammed Fox News for “incorrectly” siding with the Maricopa County Election Board. He would go on to single out Fox News anchor Bret Baier for making a controversial early call on Arizona’s election results on the night of the election.

Trump also dialed in on parts of the Arizona Senate hearing in which some members, including state Sen. Wendy Rogers (R), claimed that the results of the audit show enough irregularities to “decertify” the election results.

The former president also highlighted a bombshell statement from State Sen. Kelly Townsend (R), who said that she believes the fraud that took place in her state was so bad that she wants “to see indictments.”

In the wake of the audit, which was completed by tech firm Cyber Ninjas, many in the mainstream media have already begun the process of “fact-checking” some of the published results, including the claims of tens of thousands of ballots (74,000 to be exact) that were allegedly “never mailed in,” but counted anyway.

While Trump and many of his supporters, including those within the Arizona Senate, have already touted the irregularities as enough to decertify or even overturn the state’s election results, the Associated Press reported on Friday that Cyber Ninjas was unable to complete a report on the audit and asked that state legislators issue subpoenas to gather the information.

Only time will tell what the final outcome of the audit and the subsequent report could mean, but for now, it appears as if Trump and his allies in the Arizona Senate will be up against firm resistance in their continued attempts to claim that the numbers from the 2020 election are tainted.