Trump, Pence floated as possible replacements for Rush Limbaugh

Let’s get one thing out of the way – Rush Limbaugh is irreplaceable. But someone will have to try.

And many people think that either former President Trump or former vice president Mike Pence might be the perfect replacement for Rush. 

The Washington Times reports:

More than one media analyst has wondered if former President Donald Trump could replace the late Rush Limbaugh on talk radio.

….Another analyst also wonders about the situation — including the possibility that former Vice President Mike Pence could be in the running.

“To be fair, no one can truly replace Rush Limbaugh, can they?” wrote Tom Jones, a senior writer for the Poynter Institute, a media think tank and academic source based in Florida. “He was beloved by his listeners. Not just anyone can be thrown into that spot and have the same following, loyalty and — what matters most — ratings as Limbaugh. The first name to jump out is a strong conservative who is beloved by the right and is currently out of work: Donald Trump.

“While Trump‘s name might be fun for the rumor mill, it seems highly unlikely that Trump would want that gig,” Mr. Jones wrote.

Trump himself appeared to pour cold water on the idea, according to Breitbart, saying that Rush was “irreplaceable.”

A more natural choice would be former vice-president Mike Pence, who is a former radio host. But Pence is on the outs with many Trump fans and it’s hard to see him getting the position.

So who else could do the job? Let me know your ideas in the comments.