Trump: McConnell should be replaced

Former President Donald Trump flexed his political muscle this week, kicking off his very clear involvement in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections by offering his opinion on the current state of Republican party leadership.

According to Breitbart, during a Monday podcast interview with Fox News host Lisa Boothe, Trump first took aim at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, warning listeners that the Kentucky Republican was quickly losing what little control he has in the upper chamber, especially with Democrats closing in on the idea of ending the Senate filibuster rule. 

“I think we need better leadership than Mitch McConnell and stronger leadership,” Trump said, taking a jab at McConnell. “I mean he can’t reign in his own people.”

Trump indicated that not only had he not spoken with McConnell since leaving the White House, but added that he had no desire to do so.

The two pivoted to the topic of recent news that support from within the ranks of the Democratic party is swelling with regard to scrapping the filibuster rule, which is the only level of protection Republicans currently have against an onslaught of easily-passed, progressive legislative pieces. Trump then slammed McConnell for letting the situation get to where it currently is.

“He’s hanging by a thread right now with respect to the filibuster,” Trump said of McConnell, adding that he once suggested to McConnell while Republicans were in power that they should have ended the filibuster rule then, only for McConnell to say that Republicans wouldn’t do that because there was no way that Democrats would ever do it.

“He said, ‘They’ll never knock it out; it’ll never happen. They’ll never do it; they don’t want to do it,'” Trump said, recalling his conversation with the then-Senate Majority Leader.

Trump and McConnell had a very public falling out in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, as the Senate Republican leader repeatedly trashed the former president and suggested his rhetoric and actions were partially responsible for the tragic events that unfolded on that day in Washington D.C.

Only time will reveal whether or not Trump and McConnell will ever end up on the same page, but as the two become further divided within the ranks of the GOP, it doesn’t look like that’ll ever realistically happen.


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  1. Next time I hope its thousands that drown all at the same time. Please let Biden, Harris and PISSalocie be with them !

    1. Now that I would love to see………..Anyone know where we can buy some sharks to help with that garbage problem……….??????

  2. Immigrants should not be allowed into this country. Unless they go through the proper channels. Would by news doing is allowing millions of people to come into this country in not even beach act. We cannot support feed house anything these people. There’s just too many Biden is a fool is a ministration is a joke.

  3. Wherebrought against Biden by Rep Greene are the Articles of Impeachment brought against Biden by Rep Greene

    1. Between Barely There Biden and the pot smoking giggler airhead Harris this administration is a joke. We need some people to come in and lead these idiots out of the White House and send them to the country they want the USA to be. It must be below the border that they opened. That way they won’t be turning the USA into a regime.

  4. With this we won’t need a minimum wage. Supply and demand of American workers will determine wages. No cheap foreign labor. Finish the wall, deport all those illegal aliens that are here. Afterwards anyone that gets caught sneaking into this country and convicted of it automatically gets five years in jail. The time will be spent in a Mexican jail. It would be cheaper to pay Mexico to take care of them than the US government. Immigration needs to be Merritt based. That amount would be limited to job needs.

  5. The Speaker has done Good things for America and occasionally bad. With the current Opposition, He needs to Be Dynamic and REBEL at the Lunacy being pursued. Blaming Trump was a Mistake when he fails to realize what Forces are Against him. And McConnell is not responsible the abdication of John Roberts. I Pray for him to utilize his facilities to handle RINOs and make sense to the so very few Dems with even an ounce of patriotism. Praying works and is EZ or are you just saying you do without conviction.

  6. The whole Democratic party should be put in that river and drowned!!! I just hope Pelosi is sober. And Biden will have a lucid moment, during the whole ordeal! The demoRATS stole the election!!!They are destroying America and undoing everything that Trump managed to succeed. TRUMP is the only president that did anything for this country and is continuing to do so. I’m not a republican. I am a Independent and I can see that!!!! The mexicans need to stay right where they belong in their own country. I am tired of paying for their welfare: food stamps, health benefits, EVERYTHING giving to them when they come here. That’s why they come in the first place!!!!!!! I’m sick of paying for them. IN CASE I HAVEN’T MADE MYSELF CLEAR TO THE PEOPLE, I AGREE WITH ALL THE ABOVE!!!!!!!!


  8. McConnell is the lowest form of rino treasonous communist Chinese agent scum to walk the earth, his grave will be well watered

  9. Thank Goodness, best news I have read in weeks. Trump should leave McConnell hang in the wind. McConnell may learn the hard way that the world has changed, and he refused to change with it. I am certainly hoping President Trump can help get the U. S. back to where it was while he was President.

  10. MCCONNELL SHOULD HAVE STEPPED DOWN WHEN TRUMP TOOK OFFICE! He never supported MAGA and NEVER spoke out against the RINOS. McConnell is the epitome of the CAREER POLITICIAN evident in BOTH PARTIES! He only cares about being re-elected, has little imagination, and cares little about protecting his constituents rights. He has remained in office through a lot of support by the military, that I see him losing fast! TIME FOR SOME FRESH BLOOD IN THE GOP, AND GET RID OF THE RINOS!

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