Trump hammers Chris Wallace in new statement, asks why Fox News doesn’t fire him

Prior to former President Donald Trump’s election win in 2016, Chris Wallace was not seen as left or right-leaning. By the observation of many, including the former president, Wallace’s political leanings have become overwhelmingly obvious in the past five years.

According to Newsmax, Trump fired shots at the 18-year Fox News anchor on Monday in a statement issued through his “Save America PAC,” rhetorically asking why it is that Fox News hasn’t yet terminated the “almost radical left” anchor. 

Trump is known for not holding back in his criticism of people he doesn’t like, especially in the mainstream media world. His Monday statement made clear that he is certainly not a fan of Wallace, who has been one of the few anchors at Fox News who has repeatedly challenged Trump and those within his inner circle.

“Why does Fox News keep Chris Wallace? His ratings are terrible, he’s ‘almost’ Radical Left, he was acknowledged to have failed badly as a Presidential debate moderator (except for Biden who he totally protected!), and so much else. Usually, these are not the qualities of a long-term stay!” Trump wrote.

Newsmax suggested that Trump’s fiery statement could have resulted from Wallace’s actions on Fox News Sunday, when he challenged former Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski, claiming that the former president wasn’t strong enough in investigating China’s possible involvement in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wallace’s interview with Lewandowski became especially heated after the subject of the 2020 election results was broached, with Wallace slamming the former Trump adviser for blaming the media.

“The fact of the matter is this went to more than 60 different court cases, and you were beaten in every one. The Supreme Court refused to even hear the Trump challenges. So please don’t blame this on the media. You had your day in court, and you lost,” Wallace said.

The catalyst for the ongoing feud between Wallace and Trump happened in 2016 when the Fox News anchor moderated the third presidential debate between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Trump, with Wallace earning praise at the time for his handling of the former president.

Trump has been relentless in his attacks on Wallace ever since, and it’s not a stretch to presume that they won’t partake in any friendly meetings anytime soon.