Trump didn’t just win – he battered Democrats in impeachment trial

“On Friday, February 12, former President Donald Trump’s attorneys took to the Senate floor to rebuff Democrat claims that he had incited what his political enemies have described as an insurrection on January 6 in Washington DC. The defense made its case – and did so effectively – in less than three hours.

Indeed, the charge against Trump was so weak that the 16 hours allotted to the defense was entirely unnecessary. No punches were pulled as impeachment managers and Democrat senators were presented a record of their own hypocrisy and deceit in their dealings with the president they so despised.

Perhaps knowing that the facts simply were not on their side, the House impeachment managers had, time and again, returned to the subject of the 45th president’s language. It was as if they had hoped to persuade a sufficient number of senators to ignore the absence of such trifles as witness testimony and factual evidence and instead convict Trump because it was safe to assume that he had wanted to incite a violent confrontation with Congress.

The defense made the point – perhaps belabored it – that Democrats have spent the past four years demanding, or, at the very least, implying, that physical violence and civil unrest is justified, to change political outcomes. To convict Trump for allegedly doing the same is quite beyond the pale.

Without a doubt, the defense’s presentation was an unmitigated shaming of Trump’s enemies, using their own words.”

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  1. As well as they wrapped up that election. the democrats sure stunk at the impeachment. The made for tv crying episodes, where rather almost believable for a person with a childs mind, and the made for reality tv riot special. An award in there somewhere. Wish i had my popcorn before it started. Hope no more waste of our taxpaper money. Oh no kingbiden is in….big guy still gets usual 10percent off the top ..

    1. The Democrat’s will have our country in the same condition as California in no time flat, with puppet Buffoon Biden at the helm. With Vindictive Nancy Pelosi as the Puppeteer, the only thing democrat’s can fix is elections.


  2. how many times in 5 years has President Trumps team showed that nancy and chuck and their communist clowns are liars and cheats. I still say the military should investigate the fraud with biden , harris election

  3. Everyone of the Dems should face prison time for Treason, including the entire Biden family and Obama and the Clintons. God help us these next four years. I would also like to see Chief Justice Roberts Impeached for not adhering to the U.S. Constitution, and the RINOS that turned their backs on Donald J. Trump.

  4. Sadly the first two months of Democrats running this country has been a disaster and it keeps on going now they are removing the fence that is being build on our borders and allowing unlimited immigration. Don’t seem to care for the safety of citizens of this country. Can’t wait to see the backlash in the future because Democratic policies are hurting this country.

  5. If McConnel thinks the base and majority of Republicans will back him and his nut job loons that cow tow and bow to the Dems and China he is off his rocker! He needs to be removed as head of our Senators! He is a futile piece of garbage! There have been several reports that are coming out now that show clear evidence that the entire capitol hill thing was a staged event and completely planned by the Rinos (McConnel, Mittens and Toomay included) and the Dems (Pelosi, Shumer, AOC, etc.), who paid members of Antifa and BLM to don MAGA gear and make it look like it was Trump supporters – that is how crooked the RINOs have become that they would jump in bed with the dems and China. It is time to take back our republican party from the losers who are part of the swamp. They have no clue what true conservatism even means much less how to fight for it. If Trump did one thing he clearly showed all the people what kind of scum we have in the republican party that go along with the dems party platforms and ideals – these people need to be removed from the entire RNC, not just kicked out of office. These people are a danger not only to our republic but to our freedoms and the constitution and all our amendments. As more and more evidence comes out about the real events Jan. 6th as well as the truth behind all the election fraud; these people will look like the fools and crooks they are and they will never be elected to anything again , nor will anyone support them who is not a crook.

  6. Bless all politicians (democrats and Republicans). You are about the most overpaid and under worked folks in the world. The democrats have spent over four years trying to get even with republicans and the people of the country have footed the bill. Thanks to Donald Trump our economy was starting to rebound from the sorry handling of it in the previous eight years. Now, thanks to a bunch of money hungry Governors with small minds and twisted minds we’re headed back to the worst years and the most non-performing years we need to get over. If there is a way to fix our economy it sure isn’t with Joe Biden and Harris. I think it’s time to rebel and find out how we can get OUR president back in office. PS. Don’t look at Pennsylvania for help. They can’t tell a man from a woman.

  7. It is sad to watch the destruction of America at the hands of baby killing traitors. They say they go to church for what reason I’m not sure, they don’t worship the same God I do they are too evil to even know him. Go to church on Sundays and kill babies on Monday is not Biblical. They hate America and want our country to fail. Hopefully soon the truth will come out and they all will be impeached or put away for Treason for a long time. God Bless America.

  8. Congratulations President Trump. Yes, I agree that Obama, Clinton snd all the Rinos should be put in prison for what they have done and are continuing to do to the United States of America.

  9. McConnell needs to be done already! Censor him or whatever just get him the HELL out of REPUBLICAN party! His favorite song is probably the O’Jays BACKSTABBER !

  10. Hey anonymous let me see if I got this right the dems accuse pres trump of raceism,and Biden’s family tree they were slave owners and confederates then the dems put forth an even older white guy for President and finally accuse trump of questionable business deals, but joes whole life is about collecting money by any means possible. So who’s the bird brain now! By the way where’s his son Hunter hiden!

  11. Agree with all above posts! Now we all need to contact our congressmen, senators, state legislators and demand impeachment of Piglosi,Schumer, Biden, Harris, and all of the Biden cabinet as illegitimate occupiers of our government offices! They told in themselves! Remove them from office for sedition, unlawful take over of our presidency, abuse of power and illegal gain! Get them all out!!! Take back our country and bring back our legal President Trump!

  12. Since the election was rigged they should put Trump back in office. The house needs to be cleaned out and at least have Christians in there. People who stand up for our military,our country and support our American Flag. God Bless America.

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