Trump didn’t just win – he battered Democrats in impeachment trial

“On Friday, February 12, former President Donald Trump’s attorneys took to the Senate floor to rebuff Democrat claims that he had incited what his political enemies have described as an insurrection on January 6 in Washington DC. The defense made its case – and did so effectively – in less than three hours.

Indeed, the charge against Trump was so weak that the 16 hours allotted to the defense was entirely unnecessary. No punches were pulled as impeachment managers and Democrat senators were presented a record of their own hypocrisy and deceit in their dealings with the president they so despised.

Perhaps knowing that the facts simply were not on their side, the House impeachment managers had, time and again, returned to the subject of the 45th president’s language. It was as if they had hoped to persuade a sufficient number of senators to ignore the absence of such trifles as witness testimony and factual evidence and instead convict Trump because it was safe to assume that he had wanted to incite a violent confrontation with Congress.

The defense made the point – perhaps belabored it – that Democrats have spent the past four years demanding, or, at the very least, implying, that physical violence and civil unrest is justified, to change political outcomes. To convict Trump for allegedly doing the same is quite beyond the pale.

Without a doubt, the defense’s presentation was an unmitigated shaming of Trump’s enemies, using their own words.”

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