Trump breaks his silence to pay tribute to Rush Limbaugh

President Trump broke his silence Wednesday to pay tribute to a giant of conservatism, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh passed away from complications of cancer at age 70.

Trump appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to reminisce about Rush’s career achievements.

Fox reports:

Former President Donald Trump joined “Hannity” on Wednesday to remember conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who passed away at age 70 after a long battle with lung cancer.

Trump reflected on his decision to award Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom during the State of the Union Address in February 2020, just days after the conservative icon announced his Stage IV lung cancer diagnosis.

“It was an idea that we had that a lot of people suggested to me, frankly, a lot of great people of our country, largely Republican,” Trump told host Sean Hannity. “It was an amazing night because the Republicans went wild and the Democrats sat there, but they all respected Rush.”

“He could just talk for three hours, no phone calls, no anything, just talk and everybody found it spellbinding,” Trump recollected, calling their short friendship “an honor.”

Watch the moment here.

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  1. All right minded people loved Rush…and even the birds! My daughter has a parakeet that greets all her guest, with “Rush is right”! It’s her favorite phrase and she repeats it tirelessly. Needless to say, she picked it up from hearing him on the radio every day. Yes, Rush Limbaugh will be sorely missed by my family members and even the pet bird. No one could have been more worthy of receiving the Medal of Freedom
    award than he. Rush was the true voice of all conservatives!
    My sincere condolace to his family, who have lost a wonderful man. May he rest in peace.

  2. Rush will be missed. Here is a thought: 75 million people in this country will mourn his loss, thats just in this country. There is more considering how far his program reached. Those that are movie stars and show their absolute hate not only to Rush but his family are UGLY, no heart, unforgiveable and just plain EVIL. When a movie star dies they play a month of their movies and then they are forgotten. When a democrat dies he will be remembered for a week and then the ugliness of their mouths will continue. Should anything happen to President Trump over 75 million people will mourn and will be echoed throughout the world. Other presidents die and you will hear that’s to bad and business goes on. Who of the democrats when they fall say like Pelosi will mourn her for her life and ugliness? No one she is old business and not worth dwelling on.
    Am I being mean? No just stating where they fall within the halls of our memories.

  3. Good content here if I could only get to it. I am going to stop accessing any site that keeps slapping up advertising for other things in the midst of what I’m trying to read. It’s a real pain in the neck!

  4. When Pelosi breaths her last breath don’t tie up my TV with any memories of her just help us to forget the evil she supported in her life kill baby’s now you should have been aborted at birth like your for period

  5. The effort to create hate for an opposition is not new it was very effective in Germany. The truth is we cannot fall victim to this hate for then you are a murderer in your heart. Can we accept that in our hearts?????

  6. Greatness recognizes greatness! President Trump’s remarks support this…..and the left’s snarky remarks also prove this statement to be true….(although it is in the reverse ….non-greatness….)

  7. He will be greatly missed! His upbeat attitude, his humor, his genuine love for America and conservative values was a winning combination! He was a truly great man! I have listened to him since the late 80s and it feels like a part of me has gone! God bless and comfort his family!

  8. Loved Rush, I agreed with almost all he said so articulately. He was a big hero standing up for America and driven by God given morality and good sense.

  9. WE have two very courageous MEN to follow…!!! They both made a statement that was heard by everyone…. !!! Rush and Donald were friends for a reason.. I can’t think of one single Demo that deserves any respect…I liked John Kennedy…but his Father stole the Election for him to…!!!

  10. Rush Limbaugh was an amazing self-made man. I’m so glad Pres. Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom last year. If anyone deserved it , he did. He had a way of zeroing in on the issues and presenting them in such clear concise ways. He was a conservative from beginning to end and clearly loved this country very much. He was not fooled by the drivel from the left. I loved his sense of humor and will miss him terribly. God bless him and his family.

    1. You mean the kind of courtesy she showed
      When she tore up Trump’s State of the Union address? I suggest that EVERYONE who is a true conservative attending such an occasion of Biden’s should do the same with the copy of his speech!!!

      1. Dont give them the same. We are better than thg he demd. Nancy is so vindictive and so full of hate she needs to go.

  11. My prayers for Rush Limbaugh family. His legacy will live in on in his memory. He was a patriot as great commentator of all time. He will be missed.

  12. did anyone notice a the freedom medal … that the -ucking Pelosi was busy reading a piece of paper.. never looked
    at Rush… never stood up for him … just showed how much she hated him.. But thats a dem for you…

    1. She is such a Disgusting,Self absorbed, vindictive, hateful person. How can Anyone in their right mind respect, or look up to her??????

  13. Listening to Rush since 1989 and was not real crazy about him, until a coworker said just listen with a open mind. WOW after about a week of everyday listening I was hooked. I believe that I am not the only one that felt that way.

    1. I echo your feeling and timing…began listening ’89 to Rush on 45 min commute to work, found him irritating and fascinating but never boring.

      1. How many callers said the same. As they listened they realized how right his information was. Callers would state how their community was reacting to the governments laws. The calls confirmed so many of Rush’s comments. We the listeners could relate and understand the good or bad of the governments dictates. We learned how to organize and fight for our survival. We realized we are not in the minority.

  14. RUSH . . . “Will be VERY MUCH “Missed”, what else need be SAID ? . . . other than, he was “One of the Few”.

  15. Rush deserved that honor. And the fact that the dems just sat there says a lot about them. The fact that Pelosi could tear up President Trump’s SOTU address in front of the cameras says a lot about her. The fact that the dems could lie every day about the Russian collusion nonsense for 4 years and the media repeated every lie says a lot about where the dems and the main stream media are taking our country…and getting away with it.

    The notion of not having had the benefit of Rush doing his thing for the last 30 years makes me sickened. We were truly fortunate to have Rush in our lives. Now the question is… who can possibly take his place.

    1. I want to throw out the demoncrats trying to get Trumps tax returns for over 5 years. Any republican with common sense (we are the only ones with that sense) have to KNOW that the lousy demon crooks have all that information and would use it to their advantage if there was any truth to that fake story. They lie, lie lie. Bite me and hoe.

      1. I how the Limbaugh radio show continues. Rush brought awareness to some very worthwhile causes. Tunnel to Towers, St Jude’s, Leukemia research, and others. His support was guaranteed that ALL the money went to the supported cause.

    1. YES… another GREAT ONE…. GO TO YOUTUBE and search for “If I were the Devil” by Paul Harvey… that is one of the greatest PREDICTIONS of all time ! You will be astounded !

    2. Rush was right. Extremely interesting and 99% correct on what he said . He used the talent God gave him extremely well. He was the best.

    3. Rush exercised the free speech provision to the full extent of the 1st Amendment. Even those who intensely disliked him & all other conservatives were forced to respect him or disavow the Constitution. Liberals think that your speech has to be acceptable to them to meet 1st Amendment standards. Hooey…thats the stuff to avoid stepping in when walking the cow pasture.

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