Trump beats Biden in hypothetical 2024 race and is most popular GOP candidate

The $64,000 question in any political circle remains: Will Donald Trump once again make a run for the White House?

While there have been plenty of hints from his surrogates that he likely will run in 2024, a new hypothetical poll revealed that not only would Trump edge out President Joe Biden in a 2024 rematch, but the former president is the only Republican in the party who was able to beat Biden head-on, TheBlaze reports

The Emerson College poll pitted several Republicans, including Trump, against Biden in a hypothetical 2024 race. Trump managed to gain 47% of support, while Biden grabbed 46%. Those numbers are probably a bit too close for comfort for many, but given the style of the poll, it’s a good sign for the 45th president.

In contrast, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) was pitted against Biden, but only managed to gain 23% support to Biden’s 42%.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has skyrocketed in popularity over the past year or so due to his approach to balancing personal freedoms and the COVID-19 pandemic, came closer with 36% but fell short of Biden’s 48%.

Breaking down the results into parties, 67% of Republicans indicated that they would want Trump to emerge as the Republican presidential candidate for 2024. Interestingly, the only other hypothetical GOP candidate to hit double digits of support, at 10%, was DeSantis.

If Trump is not in the running for 2024, DeSantis gets a healthy boost to 32% of Republican voters who would want to see him as the party’s presidential candidate.

Given that Biden’s approval ratings are sinking, rapidly, and his disapproval ratings are rising, it’s not a stretch to presume that Trump’s support could significantly rise in the coming weeks and months, which is a devastating prospect not only for Biden but for Democratic candidates heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

While there’s a lot of time between now and 2024, given the poor state of the nation under Biden’s watch, it’s no wonder people are already looking down the road, as it will likely take a Trump-style presidency to — no pun intended — make America great again.