Trump again slams Fox News over Election Night call amid Arizona audit revelations

As multiple ballot audits continue in an effort to get to the bottom of fraud allegations related to 2020 presidential election, recent comments from former President Donald Trump reveal his feelings of vindication that stemp from findings in at least one of those forensic reviews, as Newsmax reports.

Amid starting revelations from an Arizona state Senate hearing regarding the ballot audit underway in Maricopa County, Trump issued a statement reiterating his condemnation of Fox News’ controversial early Election Night call that he says prematurely put the state in the win column for then-candidate Joe Biden.

As Just the News has reported, an Arizona state Senate liaison recently disclosed that the continuing probe has unearthed “potentially thousands” of serial number issues on ballots that had been duplicated prior to counting due to damage to the documents themselves.

Ken Bennett told the Senate hearing that when ballots are damaged, they are sent for duplication, and that there is “a very specific process in the [state] elections procedure manual” that mandates comparison of serial numbers located on the original ballot and the duplicated version.

In the audit’s examination of whether this was handled correctly, according to Bennett, “[Auditors] have found…thousands of duplicate ballots where those serial numbers are not on them. And so it has created great difficulty to try to match up a duplicated ballot to its duplicate.”

Senate President Karen Fann then asked how an auditor might be able to ascertain whether a ballot had been duplicated just once, or perhaps multiple times, and Bennett responded, “You wouldn’t,” and therein lies the problem of verifying the legitimacy of a potentially outcome-determinative number of votes.

In response to these revelations, Trump issued a statement through his Save America PAC that said, “The irregularities revealed at the hearing today amount to hundreds of thousands of votes, or many times what is necessary for us to have won. Despite these massive numbers, this is the state that Fox News called early for a Biden victory.”

“There was no victory here, or in any other of the Swing States either,” added Trump, according to Newsmax.

With a ballot audit also underway in Fulton County, Georgia that has yielded troubling signs of possible vote fraud and a lawmaker’s recent call for a similar probe to be launched in Wisconsin, Trump’s insistence that there was far more to the “official” election outcomes than met the eye may yet be borne out despite the all-out effort on the part of Democrats and the media to stifle further investigation.