Trump administration pushes through with last minute execution despite media furor

The Trump administration isn’t going to bend to pro-criminal forces. Dustin Higgs, 48, has been slated for execution at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, despite last-minute pleas from leftist death penalty opponents.

Higgs was convicted in the execution-style killings of three women in a nature preserve after he and an accomplice kidnapped them in Higgs van.

Breitbart reports:

Higgs was 23 on the evening of Jan. 26, 1996, when he, Haynes and a third man, Victor Gloria, picked up the three women in Washington, D.C., and drove them to Higgs’ apartment in Laurel, Maryland, to drink alcohol and listen to music. Before dawn the next morning, an argument between Higgs and Jackson prompted her to grab a knife in the kitchen before Haynes persuaded her to drop it.

Gloria said Jackson made threats as she left the apartment with the other women and appeared to write down the license plate number of Higgs’ van, angering him. The three men chased after the women in Higgs’ van. Haynes persuaded them to get into the vehicle.

Instead of taking them home, Higgs drove them to a secluded spot in the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge, federal land in Laurel.

As you can imagine, things from there got even more gruesome:

“Aware at that point that something was amiss, one of the women asked if they were going to have to ‘walk from here’ and Higgs responded ‘something like that,’” said an appeals court ruling upholding Higgs’s death sentence.

Higgs handed his pistol to Haynes, who shot all three women outside the van before the men left, Gloria testified.

“Gloria turned to ask Higgs what he was doing, but saw Higgs holding the steering wheel and watching the shootings from the rearview mirror,” said the 2013 ruling by a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Investigators found Jackson’s day planner at the scene of the killings. It contained Higgs’s nickname, “Bones,” his telephone number, his address number and the tag number for his van.

Leftists have a habit of romanticizing murderers, rapists and kidnappers, but ignoring their victims. Take for example, Congresswoman Cori Bush’s latest tweet:

Take a minute to read through the list of crimes committed by the sickening list above. It’ll turn your stomach. Then ask yourself why Democrat elected officials are telling you to “say their names” as if they are somehow victims of something.

Daniel Lee was an American white supremacist and convicted mass murderer who was sentenced to death and executed for the murders of William Frederick Mueller, Nancy Ann Mueller, and their daughter Sarah Elizabeth Powell. He strangled them and then dumped their bodies in a swamp.

Wesley Purkey was convicted in the kidnapping and killing of 16-year-old Jennifer Long in Kansas City. Purkey had dismembered her, burned the body and dumped it in a septic pond.

And on and on and on. Say their names? Congresswoman Bush should resign in disgrace.

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