Trey Gowdy wins during Fox’s test – he’s been hired back for another week

Fox News has been holding tryouts for the 7 PM Fox News Primetime slot, and it appears they’ve found a winner.

The sports media site Outkick has confirmed that host Trey Gowdy has been asked back to the show after scoring the highest ratings of any host trying out. 

Gowdy competed with six other hosts, including Brian Kilmeade, Mark Steyn, Maria Bartiromo, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Katie Pavlich, and Lawrence Jones. Outkick notes:

The timetable for a permanent host to be named is unclear as the process involves FNC deciding upon and agreeing to terms and finalizing the contract with the talent. While Gowdy returning first does not mean he will be the ultimate choice, it was noticed both internally and externally that Gowdy recorded the highest total week of viewership with 2 million.

Gowdy appears to be a natural fit for the role. Like Tucker Carlson, he’s whip-smart, and his prosecutors’ mind will come in handy in interviews.


As Outkick notes: “A 7 p.m. show, leading into traditional primetime hours, is a plausible spot to find that next star.” They just might have him.

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  1. Love Trey He is Republican so I’m surprised he would want to be on “Faulty Fox News “
    He would be better with Newsmax.
    He is so good, I thought he would do something more important than be a newscaster.

  2. Would be a fantastic choice. One suggestion for Trey — request a hair stylist in your contract. The front hair wave needs to go and let the hair grow a tad longer. Just kidding!!!

  3. I’m right behind you…That Filthy Slime Ball Obama is causing all this…Then he will blame Biden…Obama is a Muslim..!!! They have plans for us…so dose China. .We all need to stand together…!!!Obama is so jealous of Pres Trumps good things that he has done…That is why he made Biden sign all those Executive Orders to take away all that Pres Trump has done…Obama did nothing for us….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just a thought do you think Obama is the one running the White House and tell Biden what to do ? I do he is making all the decisions for Biden and Biden will reap all the fault,damages that Biden has done with the pipeline to imagination, to killing jobs,the vaccines, changing all of Trumps orders,yes Obama is behind all of this .I did not vote for him either time I never trusted him he was very dishonest,evil,very behind the scenes, sneaky he is a liar.he started with destroying this country and is guiding Biden to finish what he had left to do.i firmly believe this 100% pay attention please.

  5. Trey Gowdy followed by Tucker Carlson would give Fox 2 hours of truthful news and good political commenters.
    Now what is Fox going to do about Juan Williams?

  6. Love Trey he is down to earth and real about what is going on in today’s world. Great man and he tells it like it is not a made up version like we get from the ever lying demonrats.

  7. All we’re looking for is people who tell the truth, Trey seemed to do that.CNN is selling fake news every day of the week. Somebody has to call these fools out.

  8. I absolutely LOVE Trey Gowdy! I am immediately drawn into whatever he is speaking about. He is very knowledgeable…truthful…sincere…and everything good you can say about an honest, decent man. His accent is great too! This news about his possibly joining FOX makes me extremely happy!

  9. Hire Trey Howdy!!!! And fire Chris Wallace and replace him with Maria Bartolomeo. She’s a better journalist.

  10. Trey Gowdy is great. He is super smart and will fight for whatever is right and most important will not be controlled by the Dumocrats. He certainly is not a RINO

  11. Trey Gowdy would be my pick !! Much like Tucker Carlson, Mr. Gowdy speaks his mind and he speaks the truth !! My second choice would be Maria Bartiromo!!

  12. Fox would be wise to bring in Trey as
    part of their, already, astute lineup of
    journalists! I’ve always respected his
    obvious wisdom and knowledge of the law, as it applies to politics and
    those engaged in the political arena!
    I bid Godspeed to Trey and Fox as
    they begin their new alliance!
    Joe Hartness
    Hutto, TX

  13. Looks like big tech is taking some nasty losses; gee, I wonder why? Could it be that people are tired of being lied to, lied about, and censored? I closed my twitter, facebook, & netflix. I wonder how many other people cancelled? Not as many people on their sites means, not as many people seeing the commercials on those sites…looks like they shot themselves in the foot…

    1. I canceled mine too.but to the point that Trey Gowdy is going on Fox I disagree because they are just useing him to up their ratings I hope he sees this and not take the job Fox does not deserve a second chance .all the hell they have put conservatives in for the past years .now they are trying to stay in the game no deal .let them fail they knew what they were doing they are democratic that will not change.i say Trey Gowdy no deal.keep your reputation they will turn on you believe that.

  14. As a lawyer and retired judge of 28 years I can only tell you that Trey Gowdy could practice law in my courtroom every day of the week and I would never tire of him!! Sure hope he gets the job on Fox but fear that his greatest talent lies elsewhere and can only hope that the people of this country can see that and convince him to commit himself to the service of the people in some higher legal capacity. Think he would make a great Attorney General and quite frankly I think he would be a blessing on the Supreme Court! He’d probably make a great President but am quite sure he is not interested.

  15. It is no wonder Try Gowdy came in so high in the ratings for the host of the 7 p.m. slot….He is true blue and believable…his legal mind and his quick thinking and honesty is what we need right now….hope he not only stays on top for that show but he will convince many that Fox is doing the right thing and will be even more faithful watchers….Thanks Fox….knew help was out there somewhere to combat all the crap news we hear from the biased news commentators…we are ready, willing and anxious to hear truth and someone not afraid to say it…

  16. If TREY GOWDEY is in, Fox would be making a move in the RIGHT direction and viewers ratings would definitely increase. Americans who don’t have access to cable or WiFi deserve to have access and choice to the TRUTH and some eye candy. Hateful reporters (hateful anybody) are just to mean, ugly and one sided to watch.

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