Trey Gowdy wins during Fox’s test – he’s been hired back for another week

Fox News has been holding tryouts for the 7 PM Fox News Primetime slot, and it appears they’ve found a winner.

The sports media site Outkick has confirmed that host Trey Gowdy has been asked back to the show after scoring the highest ratings of any host trying out. 

Gowdy competed with six other hosts, including Brian Kilmeade, Mark Steyn, Maria Bartiromo, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Katie Pavlich, and Lawrence Jones. Outkick notes:

The timetable for a permanent host to be named is unclear as the process involves FNC deciding upon and agreeing to terms and finalizing the contract with the talent. While Gowdy returning first does not mean he will be the ultimate choice, it was noticed both internally and externally that Gowdy recorded the highest total week of viewership with 2 million.

Gowdy appears to be a natural fit for the role. Like Tucker Carlson, he’s whip-smart, and his prosecutors’ mind will come in handy in interviews.


As Outkick notes: “A 7 p.m. show, leading into traditional primetime hours, is a plausible spot to find that next star.” They just might have him.