Trey Gowdy: Biden ought to ‘switch parties’ to truly experience hostile press

Amid recent shocking reports that the Biden administration has been practically begging media outlets to provide friendlier coverage of the president and his policy priorities, Fox News host Trey Gowdy suggested that for the commander in chief to truly understand what negative press consists of, all he needs to do is “switch parties.”

Gowdy’s observation came in the wake of news stories – such as one from the New York Postdetailing efforts on the part of the White House to secure more favorable coverage of the president’s achievements and to steer reporting away from his perceived missteps.

The Post cited CNN’s Oliver Darcy’s revelation that the Biden administration has been unhappy with negative reporting on its handling of — among other things — the supply chain crisis and the economy in general and “has been working behind the scenes trying to reshape coverage in its favor.”

During this weekend’s installment of Sunday Night in America, Gowdy expressed incredulity at the very idea that mainstream media journalists were giving Biden a particularly hard time, particularly in light of the treatment conservatives have received from liberal outlets in recent years.

“When I first read this, I literally thought it was a joke,” Gowdy declared, likely joining countless Americans who shared his sentiments on the matter.

Blasting the audacity of any White House effort to shape coverage coming from an already-compliant media establishment, Gowdy continued, “Apparently, they believe that mainstream media is too critical when it comes to reporting on Joe Biden.”

Wondering precisely how the administration would suggest these outlets characterize the failings that are increasingly obvious to millions, Gowdy added, “Then I started thinking, well exactly how would you write a positive story about a drone attack that killed innocent children in Afghanistan? How exactly would you write a positive story about record-high inflation or a border that is out of control or supply chain issues or leaving Americans in Afghanistan or a resurgent virus?”

Attempting to inject a bit of humor into the proposition, Gowdy posited, “I guess you could write a story where the headline was ‘murder cases soar all across the United States but Joe Biden is not a suspect in any of them.’”

Considering that, according to a Media Research Center study from August of 2020, overall news coverage of then-President Donald Trump was roughly 95% negative, Gowdy is assuredly quite correct in his position that for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to truly understand what “nonstop negative press” feels like, all they need to do is change parties.