Transgender university professor resigns amid controversy over pedophilia stance

In a serious blow to the radical leftist indoctrination efforts dominating higher education today, a faculty member at a university in Virginia has agreed to step down amid backlash over comments revealing his belief that adult sexual attraction to children is not something that should result in negative moral judgment, as the New York Post reports.

Allyn Walker, 34, an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at Old Dominion University, is resigning from the school as a result of the significant controversy that emerged when he explained his position on the disorder many refer to as pedophilia.

Walker, a transgender individual whose preferred pronouns are they/them, declared in an interview earlier this year that there is nothing inherently wrong with an adult’s sexual attraction to a child, as long as it “isn’t acted on,” as was noted in The Hill.

The assistant professor also insisted that those who harbor a sexual preference for kids ought to be called “minor-attracted persons,” not pedophiles, so as to prevent such individuals from being unfairly stigmatized.

While Walker went to great lengths to argue that his opinions and scholarship were “mischaracterized by some in the media and online” due to the professor’s “trans identity,” the educator ultimately acquiesced to growing resignation demands, with the university’s president, Brian Hemphill, saying that the decision was “the best way to move forward.”

A statement issued jointly by Walker and Hemphill said, “We hope today’s action helps bring closure for our Monarch family,” with the university president adding, “I encourage all members of the Monarch family to continue our efforts toward healing and civil discourse,” as The Hill reported separately.

Walker had been on administrative leave since shortly after the initial firestorm broke out over his remarks, and the university indicated that threats and other safety concerns had emerged in the subsequent days and weeks.

It was then that Walker took pains to try and explain the incendiary position he had taken, countering by saying, “The idea that I’m somehow condoning child sexual abuse is absolutely outrageous. I really think it’s a coordinated effort about attacking the LGBTQ community and academic freedom,” The Hill further reported.

While there may be an argument to be made regarding the role of universities as bastions of free expression and intellectual exploration, the intolerance typically displayed by professors, students, and administrators alike to conservative points of view renders Walker’s ouster precisely the sort of appropriate turnabout that may prompt a bit of long overdue reflection.