‘Top secret’ audio leak reportedly reveals China’s plans to capture Taiwan

For years now, many top foreign policy experts have held grave concerns that China would eventually make a move to capture Taiwan, as the communist nation is not exactly fond of its quasi-independent state.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, experts claim, only served to embolden China to make a similar move, as it had its eye on Taiwan ever since it declared its independence in 1949.

According to Newsmax, that day could be closer than ever, as the outlet reported that newly leaked audio, dubbed “top secret,” reveals Chinese military plans to invade and capture Taiwan.

While it’s unclear if such plans have been authenticated, or are actually being put into place, the communist nation has routinely flexed its military muscle over the past year, with multiple warplanes being sent into Taiwan’s airspace.

According to BBC, the most recent show of force came over the weekend, as China flew some 30 warplanes into what’s called the Taiwan Air Defense Zone. The brazen show of force came just days after President Joe Biden warned the communist nation that invading Taiwan wouldn’t be in its best interests.

China, however, denies that the missions are related to possible intentions to invade Taiwan, rather, it claims the missions are nothing more than scheduled military exercises.

As the BBC reported: “The latest incident included 22 fighters, as well as electronic warfare, early warning and antisubmarine aircraft, Taiwan’s defence ministry said.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if China makes the decision to recapture the nation, as the timing has never been better. America is in an insanely weakened state under the cognitively challenged President Biden, which is why many believe Vladimir Putin greenlit the invasion of Ukraine — something he definitely wouldn’t have done when Donald Trump was in office.