Top Republican challenges Kamala to take a trip to southern border

Last month, President Joe Biden tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with one of the most important, yet most undesirable jobs in Washington D.C. — getting control of the escalating crisis at the southern U.S. border with regard to immigration.

However, Harris hasn’t yet held an official meeting or press conference to assure concerned Americans of her plan to tackle the issue, which is why according to the Daily Wire, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R) penned a letter to the vice president asking her to visit the border and adding that he can make himself available anytime to accommodate her. 

Like many politicians from both sides of the political aisle, as well as untold numbers of Americans, Brnovich is of the opinion that it would be in America’s best interest if the vice president at least acted like she cared about what’s happening at the southern U.S. border by taking a trip to see it firsthand.

“I formally invite you to join me for a tour of the southwest border in Arizona later this month. It will provide firsthand insight into what Arizonans, law enforcement officials, and migrants are experiencing,” the Arizona AG wrote.

Reporters have asked Harris if she plans on taking a trip to the border at some point and early responses from Harris included laughing and cackling, which wasn’t exactly the most reassuring response.

Brnovich might have found a way to politically entice Harris to finally make the trip, as he pointed out in his letter that he understands Harris’ passion and experience when it comes to human trafficking issues, which is clearly one of the primary problems happening at the border right now.

“One area of particular concern is the growing problem of human trafficking. As a prosecutor, you were passionate about this issue and the victims being harmed,” the AG wrote, while pointing to a 2012 quote from Harris in which she called for a crackdown on the issue.

Brnovich elaborated on the topic, explaining to Harris that families who can’t afford to pay the cartel smugglers become indebted to them, which typically leads to all forms of abuse and horrific situations for children and adults.

Only time will tell if Harris stops laughing and decides to buckle down on the issue. Perhaps providing even a brief press conference on the matter would be a logical place to show some leadership and begin the process of coming up with solutions.