Top Republican challenges Kamala to take a trip to southern border

Last month, President Joe Biden tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with one of the most important, yet most undesirable jobs in Washington D.C. — getting control of the escalating crisis at the southern U.S. border with regard to immigration.

However, Harris hasn’t yet held an official meeting or press conference to assure concerned Americans of her plan to tackle the issue, which is why according to the Daily Wire, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R) penned a letter to the vice president asking her to visit the border and adding that he can make himself available anytime to accommodate her. 

Like many politicians from both sides of the political aisle, as well as untold numbers of Americans, Brnovich is of the opinion that it would be in America’s best interest if the vice president at least acted like she cared about what’s happening at the southern U.S. border by taking a trip to see it firsthand.

“I formally invite you to join me for a tour of the southwest border in Arizona later this month. It will provide firsthand insight into what Arizonans, law enforcement officials, and migrants are experiencing,” the Arizona AG wrote.

Reporters have asked Harris if she plans on taking a trip to the border at some point and early responses from Harris included laughing and cackling, which wasn’t exactly the most reassuring response.

Brnovich might have found a way to politically entice Harris to finally make the trip, as he pointed out in his letter that he understands Harris’ passion and experience when it comes to human trafficking issues, which is clearly one of the primary problems happening at the border right now.

“One area of particular concern is the growing problem of human trafficking. As a prosecutor, you were passionate about this issue and the victims being harmed,” the AG wrote, while pointing to a 2012 quote from Harris in which she called for a crackdown on the issue.

Brnovich elaborated on the topic, explaining to Harris that families who can’t afford to pay the cartel smugglers become indebted to them, which typically leads to all forms of abuse and horrific situations for children and adults.

Only time will tell if Harris stops laughing and decides to buckle down on the issue. Perhaps providing even a brief press conference on the matter would be a logical place to show some leadership and begin the process of coming up with solutions.

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  1. I was having one of those senior moments when the thought came to me. Kamala has become the president and nukes are heading towards the US at hypersonic speed. Her doom announcement sounds like. “Nuclear missiles — ha ha ha — are headed this way — ha ha ha ha — and will be here in — ha ha — minutes, but –ha ha ha ha ha — don’t worry not everyone will die. Ha ha — I headed down to safety — ha ha ha ha ha — and I’ll be back on the air as soon — ha ha — I get across the border”.

    1. I agree. All she does is gives a sarcastic laugh or who knows , maybe a nervous laughter that sounds so fake.

      1. Kamala’s double just isn’t making the cut. The real Kamala is at Gitmo awaiting tribunal. Keep watchin the show, the actors are terrible but it seems to keep many dumb Americans and newcomers entertained… Most of whom don’t realize we are at war inside of our own borders and have been for many years. Those who watch the SHOW and believe it, without discernment, actually want to believe these liars, thiefs and murderers. 96% of the NEWS companies are not American. So yea, the commies are brainwashin you TV watching dimwits, change the channel or die… Trump said, ‘they will all die’ and he meant it it! ALL will pay the price for their sins against mankind, many have already been removed without notice… If you are a DEMONRAT/RINO, A Satanist, or involved in pedophilia, any where in the world… Try hiding (lol), that fire is gonna get hot! Excrement burns hot and quick, and completely destroys the stench…

      2. Heard the real number of l L L E G @ L S currently l N the U S is abt 22 mil. & the J 0 – H 0 @ D M l N is 0pting for @mnesty for them aII. The dim-o-hips wiII [email protected] enough w/ 22 mil new V 0 T E R S to keep them in p0wer 4-ever. With @mnesty, the ill-eagles don’t have to go thru learning [email protected] on U S history/govt. That was the point, e-nuff un-ed-u-ca-ted v0ters, so now c0mpIeting the [email protected] is no big deal, nor is a Ko-Ho trip to the b0rder.

      3. Kamala has accomplished something … 😳
        she is having her own desk built out of wood from an historic ship!!!!
        My, my, such ingenuity!
        What would we do without her? 🙄
        All hell is breaking loose at our southern border, and she is creating a special desk for herself to sit at and do what???
        America is in so much trouble and we have two useless bozos at the helm!
        We are doomed! But Kammy can take her unique, new desk and sit on it!

      1. Kamala doesn’t care, she is to worried about living out of a suitcase, can’t be bothered with the mess she and Biden made. Thanks to them, kids are being kidnapped, and treated awful.

    2. You could not have put the description of “GIGGLES”Camilla MaGoo better. Could you ever have imagined such stupidity running this country?

      1. No and I still can’t wrap my mind about it, we are headed for doom if we don’t get these idiots out of the WHITE HOUSE. and it needs to be done NOW.

        1. FOR SURE The democratic party does not care about this country are its people. all a bunch of bs. Biden and harris both need to be impeached, at least Trump was doing some good with the wall. wonder how many dems hate that they voted for Biden. but i still think it was a rigged election,

    3. She will never go there…hahahahalololol. But the border crisis is not even a tiny bit funny. I think she is laughing at law abiding legal American citizens…you & me too.

  2. She is not worthy to br the VP and she insults us everytime she opens her mouth and crackles. She needs to be impeached along with Biden.

    1. cackling Kamala! What a duo they make, he sleeps, she giggles, he stutters, she laughs, he can’t see teleprompter, she ha ha ha’s,he forgets everyone’s name, she does a hyena. Perhaps they were made for one another, in another life, not this one.

    2. Yes, it’s so obvious Biden and Kamala are completely inept to In the highest positions in the U.S. Am I not understanding why our Congress can’t impeach them ? because the left has control of Congress?? No one Congress should have so much power as we are seeing now between the Left Congress and the Biden Presidency that are ruining our America!!!

      1. Agree. Because of her hatred for Trump she has gone viral. She can not see what she is doing to our
        Country . First on picking Biden and Kamala. Her mind is gone with hatred.
        God help us 🙏

  3. Every time that KH laughs her way through an interview all she’s doing is showing her absolute disdain for the American public who was disenamored enough of Donald Trump to vote for anyone but Trump. She is now reaping the benefits of the same American public’s foolishness in not reallecting Donald Trump, like him personally or not.

  4. The news media should be all over her to do something about the terrible conditions at the border. They sure went after Trump for it? Conditions for children are much worse than they were when Trump took over. He had it under control until Biden, in an insane move, did away with all the progress Trump had made and opened the borders again to criminals, drugs, cartels, coyotes, and illegals. Many migrants are dying because of Biden’s stupidity. And don’t look for Harris to do anything, she never has her whole life.

  5. Biden has been in DC for OVER 40 yrs!! He is a true politician ! He does not know how to get things done , especially what the majority of Americans want for our country. I’ve been open minded
    since before the election. I viewed every minute of all of the DEMOCRATIC debates . My conclusion was Joe B. Is not a leader , nor his VP. Neither of them are the executives capable to run this country. Start with each of them & where they were educated -/ gives you some insight 🤔

    1. Larry, I couldn’t agree with you more! The cadaver-in-chief is incompetent there for incompetence begets incompetence!!!!

  6. Harris is not in touch with reality at all about the southern border nor does she care about it. She’s only wrapped up in the “power grab” ; guess that’s her fantasy. It won’t be long before she (& Biden) will be out of office because they are both illegitimate & will be exposed in their corruption. The military intelligence is in control of government, having already arrested numerous congress members & other corrupt government officials. There are actors in there now, playing their roles right now. Do some research for your own good & you’ll see what I’m talking about. A rude awakening is unfolding.

  7. Harris is California’s communist whore! She slept her way to AG in Calif but she is as dumb
    as they come. She can never become a role model for young girls because of her past. Her parents dumped 2 anchor babies in Calif, never became citizens, protested and took the best our country had to offer but gave our country nothing in return – just takers! Gave their two girls the family trait of lying which has been handed down. Harris is unfit to be VP or President and should be impeached for her participation is raising millions to bail outAntifa and BLM gutter trash! She is gutter trash herself!

  8. why aren’t the republicans doing something to get rid of these fool? start impeachment, use the 25th amendment something, before we lose everything

  9. I don’t see any problems here, there is plenty room in the White House (just get rid of the mean bitting dogs) then there is the Vice President reidence, Congress can house a lot of the children also. See their is a lot of solutions to fix this problem. The low life scum polititans should be homeless any way, is that so hard to fix. They created the problem so they can fix it.

  10. In case you all haven’t read this yet, Children are being molested now and they guards just seem to ignore it. (I think they said like 1900 complaints had come in) and still nothing was done about it.They have too many people and not enough guards to even keep a watch on the children. I just hope the military watches better than the guards. I can’t actually blame the guards. They are tired ,overworked and underpaid to have to baby sit all these people.
    Also, I mean think about it. Why should they care when our won people that caused this mess, doesn’t!

  11. The Biden, Harries, Pelosi group will go down in history as the threesome who ruined America. The killing started with them and censure of religious freedom as will as any other type of personal freedom is now in jeopardy. They will soon be using teachers to brain wash our children and turn brother against brother. I believe we will see 2 wars, the third World War and another Civil War within the United States. Greed for position of power and riches are the root of all wars and these three will make it happen.

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  13. Let’s see what does the WORD leader mean. To lead one should be out FRONT. The best Example I can THINK of is that SUPER GREAT AMERICAN LEADER, GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTON. Many times in his MAD DASH across FRANCE and Germany his TROOPS found they were looking at his BACK. He was where a LEADER SHOULD BE OUT FRONT LEADING. HI JOE, Kammia, Nancy, SCHUMER, yes I should not forget SCHUMER, DIANNE, MAXINE, DURBINE, Etc. It amazes me how these IDIOTS can make judgements with out SEEING the PROBLEM. I guess they are like a DOCTOR who comes to a conclusion without an examination. LOTS of LUCL JOEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Laughing Hyena / cackler is despicable and has no brains…just able to cackle and doesn’t do her job.

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