Top producer for both Fox News dies from COVID-19 complications

The COVID-19 pandemic might be waning across certain parts of the country, but unfortunately, the virus is still claiming lives.

According to The Hill, top producer for Fox News and the Fox Business Network, Eric Spinato, lost his battle over the weekend to complications arising from COVID-19. The producer was highly-praised by the network and those who knew him as one of the most talented producers in the cable news business. 

In a memo reportedly sent to Fox News staffers, the company referred to Spinato’s time at the network as “instrumental to the growth and entrepreneurial success” while adding that over the course of a 23-year career, his contributions were “immeasurable.”

“Eric was an immensely gifted and aggressive booker and was renown for booking the innumerable ‘gets'” the memo added. “Many of us can probably recall the cheerful greetings and outreach we received from Eric over his many years here.”

Tributes poured in for the legendary producer throughout the day on social media, virtually all of them echoing the same sentiment, which was that Spinato was kind, helpful and just an overall joy to deal with.

The late producer’s brother weighed in on Spinato’s tragic passing in a heartfelt Instagram post, saying “I love you bro. You were my rock. COVID took my brother today. He was a gem and one of a kind. I’m so broken and lost for words,” he said, while vowing to make his brother proud.

Spinato began his career at Fox News in 1998, just two years after its inception. He reportedly worked in several roles, including positions as a booking producer, story editor, and more.

During his impressive, 23-year career in the business — while most of it was spent at Fox News — Spinato briefly left the network to work for rivals CNN and MSNBC, but returned to Fox News in 2007 to help launch the Fox Business Network.


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  3. after the alleged news media has lied to America and caused untold damage, it is good to hear your message , there is hope, Thank You

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    1. There is SOO much “FAKE NEWS” anymore, who knows what’s TRUE/FALSE!!! Where are the “Walter Cronkite’s” & “Dan Rather’s”, etc. of the “NEWS MEDIA”??? I can’t understand why no Big Deal was made about the FLU, killing 18,000 the season before(Or was that “FAKE NEWS”???).

  5. It is sad to lose a conservative person that still believes in freedom of speech. America has so many liberals that don’t

      1. The weird part just is, we were all told that biden will RESCUE us from COVID…, who will BLAME biden NOW since President Trump is out of Office…?????

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