Top New York Democratic mayoral candidate Scott Stringer hit with second sexual misconduct allegation

Scott M. Stringer, a city comptroller and once a leading Democratic candidate for the upcoming New York City mayoral primary, took another massive hit to his prospects of going any further after a second woman has publicly come out against him with sexual misconduct allegations.

According to the New York Post, the latest allegation, which was made by a woman named Teresa Logan, marked what many are calling a “devastating blow” to his mayoral campaign. Logan accused Stringer of groping and kissing her without consent when the two worked together at a bar he co-founded some three decades ago. 

“He just, like, totally pats me on the butt, and like, squeezes it,” Logan told the New York Times. “I had no way of reacting. My hands weren’t free to even protect myself.”

At the time, Logan did her best to write off the incident, chalking it up to another creepy guy moment inside a bar, presumably not wanting to risk her employment at a time when such accusations were not taken nearly as seriously as they are now.

Logan went on to detail another encounter when the two agreed to go to another bar. Once inside a cab, Stringer reportedly put his hand on her inner-thigh and then tried to kiss her — an attempt that Logan stopped by standing her ground, saying “I was like, ‘No, no, no,’ and then when I was so strong about the ‘no’ in that situation, it stopped.”

She told the Times about a number of other inappropriate encounters she had with Stringer at the time — a report that prompted a response from Stringer’s campaign.

“While I do not remember Ms. Logan, if I ever did anything to make her uncomfortable, I am sorry,” Logan said in a statement. Interestingly, he told the newspaper that his stint running the bar “was a long-ago chapter in my life from the early 1990s and it was all a bit of a mess.”

Logan’s allegations came on the heels of one of Stringer’s former interns, Jean Kim, accusing him of sexual misconduct in April, which tossed a wrench into whatever momentum he had at the time in his pursuit for the mayor’s office, even having previously landed powerful endorsements and emerging as a frontrunner.

Given the latest developments and his already stagnated 10% polling numbers, several of Stringer’s Democratic opponents have already bested his position, with Democratic strategists essentially saying that with the June 22 primary just weeks away, Stringer’s campaign is all but done.

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