Top liberal proposes that UN “disarm” Americans

This ain’t gonna fly.

A top editor for the Washington Post, one of the most influential newspapers in America, just called for the United Nations to run a “disarmament program” in America. Thank God for the 2nd Amendment.

National Review reports:

The other day, Karen Attiah, Global Opinions editor at the Washington Post, one of the largest and most prestigious newspapers in the world, reasoned that “if America were another country, we would be talking about how post-Civil War America is still in desperate need of a U.N.-sponsored Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) program for white supremacists and segregationists.”

The idea that there are “segregationists” behind every tree is as ludicrous as it is dangerous. This paranoia isn’t just a harmless mental aberration – it’s also the stuff of mob attacks, purges, and forced confessions.

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm the dictatorial pig Napoleon blamed all his cruelties and failures on his long-dead rival Snowball. Crops failed? Valuable possessions stolen? It’s all Snowball’s fault. The ever-present enemy that we must sacrifice our liberties to fight is a key feature of leftist strategy.

Attiah and her ilk are determined to see “insurrectionists” and “segregationists” behind everything in American life – and the fact that those are vanishingly small segments of the American population doesn’t matter. What matters is control.

If we don’t stand up and defend our rights in court, at the ballot box, and in peaceful but firm protests, we may find ourselves on the wrong side of a UN “disarmament” mission.

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