Top GOP gubernatorial candidates knocked off of ballot by Michigan Supreme Court

Three Republican gubernatorial candidates in Michigan just received terrible news, as the state’s highest court ruled that they will not be listed on the ballot come August, for the primary election, throwing the entire race into a state of chaos.

According to The Daily Wire, the Michigan Supreme Court, in three separate 6–1 decisions, ruled that former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, businessman Perry Johnson, and financial adviser Michael Markey will not be on the ballot. 

The Daily Wire noted: “All three candidates failed to reach the required 15,000 ballot petition signatures after the Michigan Bureau of Elections found they had submitted fraudulent signatures.”

Unfortunately for the state’s Republican Party, Craig, the former police chief, was a clear favorite to win the August primary, who would have eventually gone on to face off against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) in November.

Michigan Elections Director Jonathan Brater had previously testified that a large number of signatures that his team checked — some 7,000 — they believed were fraudulent, were.

The legal developments in the case hasn’t stopped Craig from pursuing his own legal recourse, as he vowed to take the matter to the appeals process. “We will be filing an immediate appeal in the courts,” the former top cop said in a statement.

He added: “We are confident that when the law is justly applied, our campaign will be on the ballot this August.”

Craig’s attorney also claims to have several types of proof that a number of the signatures that were flagged as “illegitimate” are actually legitimate, including sworn affidavits from at least 15 people who had their signatures flagged, for unknown reasons.