Top Democrat strategist calls for Trump indictment

Once again, we’re learning that all the talk of “healing” during a Biden administration was a bunch of “malarkey,” as Biden likes to say.

James Carville, an influential Democratic strategist and long-time Biden backer, just called for President Trump to be indicted for crimes (which Carville didn’t name.)

Carville appeared on MSNBC on Sunday, and had a long string of inflammatory things to say.

He opined:

“Donald Trump, in my opinion, is a career criminal, and what he does is commit crimes, and I’m sure — look what’s going on. Read the paper today, and — and we don’t know that they are paying trump, but this is what he has done, and anybody that pardons him or thinks of pardoning him. Nixon is a different situation. He did some bad things. I do not believe that Richard Nixon was a career criminal. He lied and okayed crimes in his own interest. I think Trump is an entirely different case. I think there would be an eruption in this country to the likes that you can’t imagine. I don’t think President-elect Biden has any intention of pardoning him, and not only do I hope they don’t pardon him. I hope the new attorney general finds if there are have had crimes that are committed that they indict him.”

How cute. Carville can’t name a single “crime” that Trump has supposedly committed, but he says “read the paper today” for evidence. Apparently, the media is judge, jury and executioner in Carville’s world.

The whole attitude of the media and the Democratic establishment, Carville included, is almost Soviet. They hate Trump, therefore he is a criminal according to their twisted logic. They’re coming for him hard, and they’ll come for his supporters too.

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