Top Democrat and Gavin Newsom ally CHARGED with domestic violence

Another of our “leaders” has been exposed as a violent predator.

Nathan Ballard, a top California Democrat and friend of California Gov. Gavin Newsom was arrested on domestic violence charges in October.

Ballard is accused of “attacking a woman and suffocating a child with a pillow while at a high-end California spa in October, Politico reported, citing court documents. Ballard, who served as Newsom’s communications director when the governor was mayor of San Francisco, has a temporary restraining order filed against him, according to a representative with the Napa County Sheriff’s Department in California.”

Let’s remember that the Democratic party was quick to politicize the “MeToo” movement, and has made a habit of calling opponents “sexist.” Yet, as in the case of Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and other famous Democrats, when one of their own commits a predatory crime, accountability is somehow the last priority.

We’re not fooled by the charade anymore.

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  1. Just like the cover up of election fraud from Democrats no one gets charged for anything just lock and load there will be a war right on US soil guaranteed they will not get my guns until they pry my dead cold fingers from it. It is time to show what Americans believe in FREEDOM

    1. I agree 110% This democratic party has proven to be an enemy of the state. It’s coming and you can feel it in the air. People are sick and tired of the crimes they do and go unpunished. Trump is our president by a landslide. Cheating, lying fools😡

  2. Let’s take this notion a step further, Luan. Put all Corrupt Democrats on a slooooooow boat with barely enough for the to drink like the other US citizens’ must live on, especially elderly senior citizens.

  3. He will most likely never be sent to jail. He is a Democrat!! They almost never have to pay for what they do. THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW!

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