Tom Cotton ‘confident’ Senate Republicans have votes to thwart Biden amnesty plan

Since reaching the Oval Office, President Joe Biden has wasted little time in working to undo Donald Trump’s legacy on immigration, throwing his weight behind sweeping initiatives such as ordering a halt to further funding for construction of a southern border wall.

Though the Biden administration recently introduced a massive immigration bill that would give a path to citizenship for roughly 11 million undocumented individuals, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) told Breitbart over the weekend that he believes Senate Republicans have sufficient votes to block its passage, something sure to frustrate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who has praised the legislation’s aims.

While Democrats maintain a majority in the House, the Senate is divided equally on party lines, with Vice President Kamala Harris capable of casting a tie-breaking vote. As such, Democrats would have to secure the support of 10 Republicans in order to overcome a filibuster effort that would stall or thwart the bill entirely.

Speaking to Breitbart at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Sen. Cotton expressed his faith that Democrats could not attract those necessary votes, and when questioned about whether the bill would become law, answered, “not if I have anything to do with it.”

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the Biden plan would grant green cards to those previously covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status programs. It would also shrink the current timeline for citizenship from 13 years down to just eight, as Roll Call reported.

Harris herself told Univision in January that the plan represented a “smarter and more humane way of approaching immigration,” but did not specify at the time what recipients of these concessions would be required to do in order to receive a grant of citizenship.

While Cotton remained firm in his conviction that the Biden bill is doomed on arrival in the Senate, he warned of the dangers posed by the series of executive actions the new president has taken in regard to immigration, saying that they are effectively “rolling back a lot of Donald Trump’s very common sense America First policies,” as Breitbart noted.

Among the moves made by Biden in the early days of his administration were orders creating a task force to facilitate reunification of families previously separated at the southern border, suspending the Remain in Mexico policy for those seeking asylum, and initiating a critical review of expanded Trump-era enforcement of the public charge rule, which weighed a potential immigrant’s likely need for public assistance in assessing residency applications.

Democrat supporters of the bill acknowledge the long odds this particular legislation faces in its current form, but it seems all but certain that their push to reverse the gains made by the Trump administration in strengthening our borders will continue apace.

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  2. will someone please knock Pelosi off her high horse, The only thing the Democrats can succeed at FIXing is elections everything else they destroy

  3. Biden I think is trying to start a civil war. Keep it up Joe and you will get your wish. Joe, karmala, nancy and chuckie and obama will be the first casualties of that war.

  4. Sen. Cotton expressed his faith that Democrats could not attract those necessary votes!
    Sen. Cotton expressed his faith that Democrats could not attract those necessary votes

    Do you remember Amy Fisher & Joey Buttafuoco?

    Read my lips!

    For her, it was a fatal attraction!

    He pleaded Guilty to Statutory Rape

  5. You can talk big or shut up! There are things you can do to help stop this bills! But if I was the GOVERNOR of TEXAS I close the border on my line! Nothing Biden can do! Because it on TEXAS side! Other state can follow but if they don’t! The Citizens can do to thing is recall the governor and file a wonderful death LAWSUIT AGANIST THE state! But I truly believe there will be angry people who going to take the laws into their own hands. But it will happen AFTER someone is RAPE, KILLED, BY AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION! Just don’t think there will NOT BE ANY CRIMINAL TRYING TO GET IN! ESPECIALLY M-13!

    1. Agree with you, Wyatt !!!

      Lots of things could be done by us, the people!!
      But I can’t really see that happening, unless our “representatives “ would lead the way …
      And yes, people might get angry and maybe some would try to get the law into their hands, but the majority wouldn’t!
      And that’s because we are peaceful, law abiding citizens, and we trusted our politicians to do what’s right …

      That was long time ago, nowadays, politicians only care about holding on to their comfortable life time positions so, people still get upset but
      also confused and disappointed…
      What happened after that young lady was killed in San Francisco by an illegal?
      What happened after lots of kids( boys, girls) got killed in NY S by MS 13 ????
      Nothing !!!!!!!
      Meanwhile we have lots of “ sanctuary states” to make sure all the criminals get protected and never get convicted for their crimes…

      That’s craziness !!!
      Who and how would any politician change that ?????
      I doubt it !!!!!


      2. WE don’t need reps, we can get involved by joining a local political action committee. Then we can have more control over WHO gets on the ballots in the first place. City, state committees are the way in 2022.

    2. U ARE RIGHT, I THINK hopefully the boarder states will put the rest of the wall up and also close their states to illegals, by any means necessary.

  6. Yea don`t vote on a bad bill, for the People, it`s about time we said no more and voted their butt out of office.

    1. Edward, Sir !!!!!
      Are we still talking about “ voting “ ????
      Didn’t we just “ voted” in Nov 2020 ?
      What happened to our votes ???
      C’mon, let’s not fool ourselves by dreaming that any future vote will be any different!!!!

  7. What happened to the good old days of putting traitors in front of firing squads ? Now we let him hem cheat thier way into the oval office .where did we go wrong. I miss Trump and soon everyone will miss Trump !

  8. You’re right, stand firm, united and believe God will prevail, He is in control. Evil will be destroyed.!

  9. Things would be different if voting was not open. Anonymous voting in government, house, congress all branches.That way everyone can vote the way they really want too.

  10. It is about time lawmakers worked for the Benefit of the present citizens of the United States and not for the Benefit of the Politicians scrounging for favors from “potential” citizens.

  11. In order to get these kidsback to parents is not going to happen. These were “taken childern”. All the crimnals know to bring a kid with them and they will get into the u.s. these kids were taken from all the childerns homes and street kids and from parents who are dead if they don’t give up the kids. I bet there are no more kids in childerns homes, orphanages or on the streets from the border to end of the south america. All have been picked up to get into the u.s. you can’t match a kid to no one. Alive that is

    1. I’m sure that even the dumbest of the dumbest in the Satan party already knows that, Michael !!!

      They don’t even give a damn about those “ poor kids” parents … they just need people coming over by the hundreds of thousands, brothers, uncles, aunts, grandparents, whoever… because the Satan party needs votes , and lots of them !!!
      This way they would not have to print more fake ballots to sneak them into the machine at 3 am again !!!
      So, that’s the deal about those kids and their
      “ parents” …

  12. Well I hate to put it like this, but I’ve lived in Texas all my life except for when I was in the military. If I never seen another wetback I would sleep a lot better at night with my wife and child on the street.

    1. “We are against the relaxed immigration bill “…

      Now, what makes us think that the Satan party which is “ in full power” now, really cares about us being against that or all the other totalitarian
      bills of theirs ????
      C’mon now, we just became a “one party “ system , did we forget ????
      They “ dictate” and we must shut up !!!!!

  13. Any Republician Senator who votes for this, will be definitely voted out of office as soon as possible!

    1. Biden don’t read anything. All he ask is did Trump do it.An then he signs it. He’s just playing right into peliso hand. He’s her an the democratic scape goat.

      1. The “sniffer “doesn’t need to read anything …
        All he has to do is to “ execute” the orders given by his puppeteers, Obama, Pelosi, Susan Rice … they are all there, behind the curtain!!!!

        1. yes he isn’t running the country the communists are and i don’t just mean the ones here (Polosi, Schumer Obama, Clinton, the squad, Susan rice the rhinos etc, I mean the chinese communist party etc. Im praying we can hang on to our rights till midterms and pray they don’t rig that one enough to make conservatives loose, again! WE ALL KNOW THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED AND I MEAN ALL OF US! dems too!! from comments from other countries that are on some of the emails, they know it too! God help us! Weird how the dems don’t care about the 108 China virus positive illegal aliens (already known) plus however many more we don’t know about but they do care about the communist teachers unions keeping kids out of schools, which btw they already have a lot of money for reopening schools that they haven’t even used yet! begs the question what are they doing with it? If they don’t go teach in person, they should NOT BE PAID A PENNY! GIVE THE PARENTS THE MONEY BACK SO THEY CAN PAY A PRIVATE SCHOOL! (except for the sick or elderly teachers and they can teach online to the kids who also can’t go to school) I say Thank God we live in Fl. and have a fabulous intelligent Governor! Our kids have been back in school bc he “followed the REAL SCIENCE, not the democratic fear mongering! Control, Power and Money that is the democratic communist party PERIOD!

      2. He is puppet he has no idea what he is doing BOY does this not say lots about our Government “Needs to clean house

        1. Dr Shirley:

          I agree with you 1000%!!!!

          But the problem is the Satan party already
          turned us into a banana republic with a one party system , so now our “ masters” will be the only ones making decisions and laws for us …

          So, no “ cleaning “ the house anymore…

    2. You are correct Deb !!!!
      But that would only happen when and if our votes will “ count” again … which I doubt !!!!

    1. Backbone ????
      Who would have that ?
      McConnell, Romney, Susan Collins, Murkovski,
      C’mon, people, the RINO’s would always go with the Satan party, ( Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler et comp)

      1. They better not there will be another election and we are taking names and ONE NAME Right Now is Never vote for Liz Chaney

  14. I hope and pray that this bill dies in the Senate it is bad for the nation, show some backbone and vote against it

    1. We are now dependent on a Joe Manchin to help save this country ,that`s sad ,WV needs to get this guy out of office and install an America first republican ,this Manchin can not be trusted

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