Tips on possible Brian Laundrie sightings pour in as manhunt continues

Amid a continued, far-reaching manhunt for fugitive Brian Laundrie, Fox News is reporting that another in a series of conscientious tipsters in North Carolina has contacted authorities to inform them of a potential sighting of the man who is the sole person of interest in the death of Gabby Petito, stoking hopes that an apprehension will happen soon.

The cable news network noted that Wednesday evening, an individual located in North Carolina contacted police to discuss what they believed as a legitimate sighting of Laundrie, who was overheard described via scanner as a “white male subject wearing a light gray T-shirt … walking toward 301 … advised that he looked like Brian Laundrie.”

Sadly, this particular tip did not help authorities discover Laundrie’s whereabouts, as it was determined to be a false alarm by local police Cpl. Ricky Jackson. “There was a citizen passerby that spotted an individual that matched the description of Brian Laundrie,” he stated, adding, “Officers went to the area, located the individual that they were referring to, and we can positively identify that individual was not Brian Laundrie.”

Though it did not prove fruitful, this latest tip was the latest in a series of recent leads provided by citizens who suspect that they have seen Laundrie in North Carolina and elsewhere. Hiker Dennis Davis, for example, claimed to have spotted the fugitive in early October near a part of the Appalachian Train with which the missing man was known to be familiar.

Indeed, the sheriff in Haywood County, North Carolina has affirmed that his department has been in receipt of numerous tips regarding Laundrie’s whereabouts, and while all have been comprehensively investigated, his location still remains unknown.

According to news reports, Laundrie went missing from his parents’ residence in North Port, Florida in mid-September, but suspiciously, they did not report him missing until multiple days had passed. The lone person of interest in Petito’s death is now officially wanted on federal debit card fraud charges, and search efforts have focused on, among other places, the state’s Carlton Reserve area in which woods and swamp lands are plentiful and provide ample places to hide.

It was earlier this week that Dr. Brent Blue, coroner in Teton County, Wyoming, announced further findings from Petito’s autopsy, namely that she died of strangulation in a remote area near the Grand Teton National Park, where she was believed to have been traveling with Laundrie at the estimated time of her demise, according to the Associated Press.

The case of Gabby Petito’s killing has gripped the nation for weeks, and speculation as to Laundrie’s location has continued to run rampant. John Walsh, former host of America’s Most Wanted, recently stated his belief that he may have fled to Mexico with the material assistance of his parents, who the television personality suggests are “actively aiding and abetting his escape.”

Though the tips coming out of North Carolina have not yet yielded concrete information about Laundrie’s location, the fact that so many everyday Americans are contributing their time and attention to the hunt for this fugitive from justice offers real hope that Petito’s loved ones may ultimately get the answers they need and deserve.