This is what happens when you disband the police

The NYPD has waged a successful battle against crime in the city for decades. Now it appears that they’re losing – not through any fault of their own, but because of the actions of cowardly politicians.

In response to national anti-police protests, New York City announced the disbanding of its plainclothes anti-crime units, which were largely devoted to aggressive policing tactics.

The New York Post reports:

The city’s seen dozens of shootings since, many times the number in the same week a year ago.

The early death toll includes the outright assassination of Kenneth Singleton, 35, in East New York as he was washing his car Saturday morning and the passing that night of another man, 36, in the East Village when a gun in his waistband went off by accident. Oh, and that triple murder in Brownsville.

Recent weeks had already brought rising mayhem, thanks to tensions from the lockdowns, the cover that protests have provided for criminal gangs and the stretching-thin of the NYPD by the pandemic and orders to (sort of) enforce social-distancing rules — as well as redeployments to safeguard protests and combat rioters and looters.

Plus, with courts near-frozen by the pandemic, hundreds of gun-possession cases are in limbo — and the perps walking free.

It’s a perfect storm of stupidy, malice and incompetence – and the middle-class New Yorkers who can’t flee to the Hamptons are going to be the ones to suffer.

Cop morale is down, too: State and city lawmakers are rushing to appease the “defund the police” marchers, passing new laws that limit policing without much heed to which ones are actually wise reforms, and which are gifts to career criminals.

Heck, not just cop morale: District attorney’s offices all across the state are seeing a flight of veteran prosecutors, as the no-bail law makes it near-impossible to get bad guys off the streets even when they’re caught red-handed. Correction officers feel besieged as well.

The majority of the American people oppose defunding the police. Why do our elites and intellectual classes feel empowered to ignore that?