They’re sending more troops to Washington DC

Joe Biden’s inauguration resembled an armed camp, with over 25,000 troops lining the streets, supposedly to prevent a right-wing “insurrection” that never materialized.

After the inauguration, instead of releasing the troops, Democrats are sending more. What’s going on?

In the latest news on that front, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzger is sending hundreds of additional National Guard troops to Washington DC. 

It begs the question – what are they in DC for? We’ve been told time and again that Joe Biden won a legitimate election, but it sure seems like typical dictator tactics. If you can’t sustain your government without an intimidating phalanx of armed troops, just how democratic is it?

So the question we’re asking is: how long do Biden and Nancy Pelosi plan on having an occupying force in DC?

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  1. Without a doubt, fancy nancy has a serious vendetta against anyone who obstructs her; she is in a complete panic, knowing the evil she has committed, for decades and continues to do, is catching up with her. Even worse, her Depends are beginning to leak which causes even more anxiety.

    1. Where is Fancy Nancy going to find a garage large enough to sleep that many troupes ? will she give them porta potties too ?

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    1. Wow…… I ever agree with you M Donahue. With seeing how the democrats (not capitalized on purpose) are operating, plus our knowing they obtained office fraudulently, a Convention of the States is more needed than ever. It is time that We The People take charge of Washington DC. As you know…the Constitution gives We The People the first option rights to “Express our Grievances” when and if we suspect there is a tyrannical government in office. It has recently come to my attention that this right to express our opinions and grievances are hindered and I cannot find any real venue in which I can do this. We hear all time about …..well just write your congressman or woman…..YEAH……right…write letters and phone calls till you are blue in the face before you hear back from them in any meaningful way other than a canned response sent by their interns. I feel it is all be design that we are diminished into extinction of our involvement in government.

      1. I have thought about wallpapering the bathroom with canned letters and the one where Pelosi refused to acknowledge my email because I wasn’t in her district. I have sense moved to NV from CA, but who was I suppose to write to…Kamala Harris? Lot of good that would do and then there is always Anna Eshoo, another Democrat who sends thank you notes. Neither address your protests and just sends you a list of all their accomplishments instead of acknowledging that you are using the forum to OBJECT to their accomplishments and are urging them to vote against something the Liberals have introduced or support something that Conservatives have introduced. Good Luck With That! They aren’t worried about getting reelected since their base doesn’t keep up with what is actually occurring in CA and realize how just voting for the incumbent is not going to benefit them in the long run.

  2. Preparations for martial law and suspension of much of the Constitution, especially amendments 2,4, and 5 through 8.

    1. They have all those troops there because they are trying to protect them selves from the people in this country that they in washington have scorned from all their hate,evil,vindictive, pain they have caused this country and the fact that the truth is about to come out that they did in fact steal ,fraud our election.Trump won by a land slide and they know it.its beginning to come down on Pelosi as we speak and she knows it.let it rain and hard.truth will always set you free.


      1. The people need to get together and demand the fence around the Capital to be taken down and troops need to be release back to their duties to protect this country and all of it’s people not just the criminals in washington.this is pathetic the politicians in washington are afraid of each other so why would they want to be caged in together like circus pigs? Take down that fence and free the troops.and dont pile them in that cold damp car garage like you did last time they deserve better.

  4. NO CIVIL WAR!!!!! This is exactly what they want. Then they can finish their wrap up of our right. We need to hit them financially. Cut these creature chain purse bottoms and then they will wise up. Get off their facistbook, the twit platfoam. They will censor you anyway. Call your friends and family. At this time we need that more than ever. Text them even. Find out any company’s feeding the creatures with your own money. Amazon can go with them. Kill their cash flow not them. They would love a civil war. That way they can really slam through their stupid ideas on our country. Dems only friend is a criminal. Cut the money train off and no more power for them. The dems love war and they haven’t had one in awhile. All their arms dealer friends will be glad to sell them their bombs and weapons to use on us. No civil war, but let’s cut their banks accounts to 0. Then watch them change their tune then.

  5. The Democrats can have all the National Guard they want to protect them. However, God will prevail against their deceit , lies, cheating . THEY CAN NOT WIN AGAINST GODS WILL!!!!

  6. I secretly hoped that a leading General would have stepped to the microphone on inauguration day taking the microphone and announcing that the inauguration will not happen today folks. Haul Biden and all his cronies off into a holding bin some where, and institute martial law on the spot. I feel it is part of the oath that all military constituents take that insures domestic tranquility, and safe-guarding our shores both foreign and…”Domestic.” To me….those are the true…”Oath-Keepers.” Yet……not a one stepped forward to do anything about it and allow the criminal family to desecrate our beloved Oval office and our White House. This is all beyond believable………!!!!

  7. I dont hear any one trying to protect this country ,its people but the people and they are getting no help from any of the politicians at all nothing .they got their votes so we dont mean anything to them until election time .but they are going to be very surprised when the support is not there.what are so many troops really protecting in washington? It’s time to find out too many involved.and now more troops? Is the FBI COMING FOR SOMEONE THERE FINALLY? let’s hope so.

  8. The supreme court is ready to hear the evidence of the election could this be what washington is afraid of hum. I guess we will see sooner or later the truth does come out .

  9. Is it true that Pelosi requested that the troops bring machine guns?
    These are the kinds of tactics used in a banana republic where dictators are commonplace.


  10. The people need to get together and demand the fence around the Capital to be taken down and troops need to be release back to their duties to protect this country and all of it’s people not just the criminals in washington.this is pathetic the politicians in washington are afraid of each other so why would they want to be caged in together like circus pigs? Take down that fence and free the troops.and dont pile them in that cold damp car garage like you did last time they deserve better.

  11. Just sick! The National Guard needs to be released to go home to their homes, jobs, and family. They have Capitol Police and local Police to take care of their issues. Do they honestly think having a fence around the building and hundreds of military personnel standing around is going to stop an attack from “the enemy within”? A total FARCE! All Governors need to withdraw any of the National Guard Troops that they sent after January 6th. The so called Media needs to stop publishing articles and/or saying that the people who entered the Capitol were Trump Supporters when the investigation into the whole thing shows that it started before Trump even gave his speech and all he did was tell them to march peacefully to the Capitol and make their voices heard. At no time did he advocate violence.

  12. Biden and Harris could care less about the will of Americans.They never tried to win our votes.They always intended to steal the election by any means and will always continue to do so because they think they goy away with it.They drink the same coolaide and have no idea of the Rage that most of the country feels towards them. The Aim is to force us to react so they can declare martial law. The only way they can hold on to their stolen power. Need proof? Look at the military occupation of Washington DC

  13. I just hope Nancy and her cohorts aren’t planing some phony constructed attack under the guise of Trumps Patriots that attack D.C. to begin the prosecuting the Voters of Trump, and all things Trump. Even though he’s gone and done. I do not put anything past the Democrat evil Party. Time will tell. After all they are even looking to clean out Republicans from the congress.

  14. I’m a staunch Trump Supporter ! At Age 86 this year, I’m afraid I won’t be around for his official second term ! If not ! ! Please insist that Trump will indite everyone that had a part in the treasonous election of Biden and place them before a firing squad or given life in prison ! I have to know that this is done before go up to face our great God that gave Trump to us in the first place ! The Old Poet ! !

  15. Has any one checked to see how many Nat. Guard Troops in DC are from states with DEMOCRAT GOVERNORS and how many are from states with Republican GOVERNORS ?

  16. Registering as a Republican from a leftist perspective is now tantamount to a confession of terrorist intent. The voter rolls listing your name, address, and party affiliation are easily accessible and can be used to identify “The Enemy Within…” allowing no-warrant entry and seizure to the homes and businesses of such “Right-wing Extremists.” Watch it happen, folks….it’s the end of America as we’ve known it.

  17. Consider this for all of you who think that they are there for the Democrats protection. Why did the troops turn there back to the motorcade, why did Biden have to take a private jet to the inauguration and why did a national guard leader say during a TV interview that they will be there until the military takes control ?

  18. Purge is the best way to discribe what dems are trying to do they want one party there the ones looking to kill people that back my president Donald Trump 2nd amendment now don’t tread on me GOD is on our side

  19. Some states have called their troops home. Now the other states need to do the same. This is resembling a hostile takeover. Squash it now. and we can only hope that whatever troops are still there aren’t dumb enough to go against the innocent American people by a bunch of idiots!!!!!!

  20. The Demos need the troops for protection. They want to ruin the country as we know it. Joe is signing any thing they put in front of him. He is clueless. He is just a figure head for the leftist who are running the country. Not only are they racist, They as stupid as a fence post. We need protection in a very serious way.

  21. This old man trap is anti 2nd . Amendment and needs the military to protect her, from what expiring of real old old old old age! We need term limits now!

  22. The democrats are still sore because they couldn’t impeach President Trump, Pelosi is scared that she will lose her power the whole thing is an attempt to make sure that they stay in power. This country is starting to look like a third world nation. The dems need protection because they are scared of the people. This whole thing stinks to high heaven

  23. Legitimately elected governments don’t surround themselves with wire fences and military troops. Power-mad banana republic dictators who have ILLEGITIMATELY seized control of government power behave this way. The fact that the conniving Demmunists are HIDING behind fences and National Guard troops should be a RED FLAG to every person in this country that this is NOT a legitimately elected government!

  24. Indictments and impeachments.Exspose the fraud and start holding people accountable for their crimes.The people need to take back our country.

  25. I SAY THE NATIONAL GUARD SHOULD RUN EXERCISES AT THE WHITE HOUSE THIS WILL PUT THEM GOOD USE, It would also scare the crap out of the DEMOCRATS because what are they afraid of since they think the election was legitimate, what a joke let the DEMOCRATS crap their pants just to go to work, since they think PRESIDENT TRUMP riled up the crowd, at least that is what the DEMOCRATS think, like how many DEMOCRATS have RILED UP THEIR CROWDS talking to their idiot people that think their good politicians, I understand MAXINE has been giving lots of campaign money to her daughter, when is MAXINE going to be investigated for ethics problem that she has had for many a year and her ignorant constituents keep voting her in, they must think MAXINE needs to live in a 3.5 million $ home out of her district while the people she represents are in poverty.

  26. To bad that they know if push really comes to shove, they may have hung themselves with true patriots making up the national guardsmen. Did I just break a pelosi rule for typing man. The insurrection has already begun and its the demos perpetuating it. They believe they have the upper hand. What they have failed to understand is that we will stand up to the dictator Biden soon to be Harris and as all Dictatorships go – Nancy is salivating to get her turn by knocking out Harris just after harris takes over from Biden. Prepare to defend our constitution people.

  27. I would like to know who ever said that [email protected] is progressive or liberal. Anybody that knows any thing about it, knows that is a lie.

    Dems don’t know what a life is, because they got no brains. Cannot buy one cause the store ran out, put on backorder. Problem is that the stupid brainless Dems working in the brain factory went on strike. They went on strike, because they were not making enough to buy brains. When they got enough they went to the store only to find out that Biden had raised the price.

  28. What are the democrapic dung beetles so afraid of. If they have done nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear, but fear itself. what a bunch of snowflakes. But, we are not going to be controlled and told what we can and cannot do. The dung beetles are brain dead and control freaks. We will not stand for fascism.

  29. Maxine wet-pants said: If you see anyone in the Trump administration, get in their face, @ttack them, tell them they are not welcome here, k!ll them. [email protected] them up, put them in the h0spital, make them feel uncomfortable.
    Maxine wet-pants legitimized this statement a long time ago, It is to late for the dems to take it back. Enjoy the fruits of your propaganda machine!!! more to come.

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